Facts About Heechul

1. Name : Kim Hee Chul

2. D.O.B : July 10, 1983 – South Korea , Gangwon

3. Sub Leader Super Junior

4. He is also a fan of Japan Band ( X- Japan , Dir En Grey )

5. He was discovered at Starlight Casting System October 2002 where he joined the auditions on a whim with his friends.

6. Heechul was placed in a four-member project group called, Four Seasons

7.On August 10, 2006, Heechul was involved in a car accident while heading back to Seoul from Mokpo after attending the funeral of fellow Super Junior member Lee Donghae’s father

8.Before his music debut, Heechul started his hosting career by being a regular MC for the cable music showShow! Music Tank.

9.Heechul is not afraid to kiss guys

10. He does not pay his cellphone bill, its sent to his parents.

11.His motto is “I’m me, you are you.”

12. He wants two kids

13. He is a very deep and sensitive person

14. Heechul listens on average to 4 songs before being able to fall asleep.

15. Heechul’s first time drinking alcohol was in junior high.

16. When Heechul gets mad he tends to throw things

17. He only allows Donghae and U-Know from DBSK to use banmal on him.

18. He has an older sister

19. He’s a huge fan of So Hee from Wonder Girls

20. heechul once gave sunny shoes with his hand written decoration on it for sunny’s birthday present.

21. heechul has eye problems

22. His school in elemetary was on top of a moutain

23. He got his first kiss from his 1st gf before his debut while they were watching Lion King

24. He used to change clothes under his blanket because he thinks that maybe someone could be watching him

25. He likes dongsaengs who follows him

26. He hates someone who steal his food

27. He do the kissings on-stage JUST because of FANSERVICE

28. Heechul likes wearing his tom and jerry jammies

29. If you are born again: I wanna be a flower blooming on a high cliff. So that no one can touch it.. (kim heechul)

30. heechul is scared of little children

31.heechul gets annoyed by people easily, especially if they dont listen to him

32.He used to play with girls in elementary

33. heechul really hates being told on what to do. he only listens to donghae and taeyon.

34. He reads HanChul fanfictions.

35. Punya mata yang indah

36. He love dancing to girl group’s dance

37. He loves changing his hairstyle, and hair color

38. He talks to children formally

39. He likes girls who looks good on skirts and who tied her hair

40. He loves imitating people

41.  He likes playing computer games, and using the internet

42. He doesn’t like other people to borrow his clothes that’s why he changed his wardrobe into cowboy hats,character shirts,etc

43. He can’t stand if someone touched his hair. He only allows Jay Trax.

44. He posts pictures of him as a girl on his CyWorld.

45. Heechul used to have a russian blue cat named Yamchae given by the fans, but it ran away while he was away.

46. when heechul holds a girl, he gets extremely nervous and feels like his heart is going to burst

47. English Name Casey Kim

48 . Chines Name Xi Che

49. blood type : AB

50. religion : Atheis

51. Hooby : draw comic , play game, dance

52. fav color : pink red black

53. cat name : Heebum

54. Heechul, along with Yunho, Jaejoong and Kangin ate food worth 300,000 won and get yelled at.

55.  Heechul played alone when he was a kid

56. Even he’s sick he would still go to school.

57. Heechul have this ‘pretty-little-image’ when he was a kid, that one time a sales-person show him a girls apparel.

58. Because his family always moving house, he made a lesser friend.

59. Heechul was late on the audition but one look on his face they agree to see his performance for the audition.

60. For Heechul dieting, he would only eat chili and sweet potato. He lost 4 kg by just eating like this.

61. Heechul liked older women, but since nowadays, there is lot of new artiste’s that are cute, he’s now more attracted to younger women.

62. When Heechul brought in the hospital because of the accident, he tried not to faint by biting his tongue that it bleed a lot. The nurses and the patients where came to him and started taking pictures of him. He was so sad that he could only cry and keep on thinking that he shouldnt blink.

63. Along with Kibum, Heechul has a passion for acting.

64. Heechul becomes paranoid of his surroundings since the day he debuted.

65. Heechul loves pissing Hankyung off.

66. Heechul is a twitter addict.

67. Heechul is a man who’s keeping little things in his heart.

68.Heechul can’t whistle.

69. He bought an iPhone just to update his Twitter.

70. He’s an atheist and have his own religion called Rellagyo.

71. Heechul is very peculiar with lots of things

72. He is unique in a special different way

73. He loves to played pranks on others but you can’t never played a prank on him, because he’s sharp about it

74. Heechul thinks that he look so handsome when acting cute while being drunk.

75. He always think that whenever he will go, there will allways be a third eye that’s watching him

76. Heechul doesn’t blink even when thinking because he’s afraid that the camera will catch it

77. Heechul never lie on the show.

78. He never said that he looked ugly on shows

79. Heechul and Hankyung lived together for almost 5 years but they don’t talk a lot in the apartment.

80. Heechul thinks that he and Hankyung are really a fantastic combo.

81. Heechul helped Hankyung a lot when the latter didnt have any schedules and couldn’t come out on programs.

82. Heechul seems to have cold personality, but he’s just shy that he doesn’t know how to express himself.

83. Height: 179 cm

84. Weight: 60 kg

85. twitter acc : http://twitter.com/Heedictator

86. Heechul’s favorite food is Kimchi Bbokeumbbop

87. Heechul’s favorite music is sad songs. He even dances to those.

88. His definintion of Concerning love is “Unique ability to melt an ice-like heart.”

89. Heechul does not like the fact he is growing up.


9 Responses to “Facts About Heechul”

  1. wendy December 20, 2010 at 8:29 pm #

    lol i love this list gr8t ! XP

  2. T.U.Y February 6, 2011 at 5:32 pm #

    I like the deep person

  3. o b s :) March 29, 2011 at 6:10 am #

    Thanks for sharing ! It really helped me a lot .. 🙂
    kekeke ❤

  4. Fan May 1, 2011 at 7:14 pm #

    This is a great list, but you have number 14 on there twice.

  5. carpet December 21, 2011 at 8:48 am #

    NICEE 🙂

  6. UKiss and SuJu Lover (@HaiBlut91) December 30, 2011 at 10:15 pm #

    thanks omg he is so funny and he is my number one kpop guy>3333

  7. Nnish January 20, 2012 at 8:22 am #

    saranghae heechul oppa

  8. nike free run 3 January 7, 2013 at 11:02 pm #

    I was wondering if you ever thought of changing the page layout of your site?
    Its very well written; I love what youve got to say.

    But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could
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    Maybe you could space it out better?

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