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Super Junior unveils Donghae’s teaser photo!

21 Jul

Super Junior will be making a comeback after a year and two months!

The comeback date for their 5th album is set for August 3rd and individual teaser images of the members will be released sequentially from the 20th, starting with Eunhyuk. It’s Donghae’s time to shine in the spotlight, and ELFs worldwide will definitely feel their hearts race over his sexy new look!

The members have each poured their own unique colors into the upcoming album, and fans will soon be able to experience their upgraded performances.

Super Junior stated, “As much as the fans have waited, the members have waited a long time for this 5th album. With our new music and performances, we want to communicate with fans all over the world. Please wait for our comeback.”

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Source + Photo: OSEN




110518 Heechul’s grandma once thought he’d marry Hwangbo?

19 May

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul recently introduced his family members to his fans!

For the latest episode of SBS’s “Dalgona”, the production crew went to Heechul’s hometown, Gangwon-do. They were greeted by his grandmother, his aunts, and his cousins, who came to cheer on their beloved Heechul.

Hilariously, Heechul’s grandmother openly expressed her one hope for him, “I only expect one thing from my grandson. I wish he would get married soon. I once thought Hwangbo would make a good wife for Heechul.”

His grandmother saw the old clips when Heechul and Hwangbo were a couple for ‘X-Men’. She’s of the generation where she believed that couples were meant to be if they held hands – considering how Heechul’s grandparents saw him hug Hwanbo, they believed that the two would definitely get married.

Source: Newsen via Nate + ALLKPOP.COM


[Pic] 110516 Leeteuk & Joo “Ice Cream” Official Pictures [2P]

16 May

Credit: Daum
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[Pic] 110424 Zhejiang TV ‘Kuai Le Lan Tian Xia’

29 Apr

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110427 Simsimtapa Official Update

27 Apr

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[Pic] 110423 JSTV Fei Chang Bu Yi Ban Recording

27 Apr

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[Pic] SJM’s fashion show, 8 types of fashionable guys

15 Apr

Popular Korean group Super Junior-M (SJM) had a photo shoot for the fashion segment for the first time in Taiwan and they gave their inaugural photo shoot to this newspaper. 8 members respectively represented 8 different types of fashionable guys, assembling Loewe, YSL, Versace, Bvlgari and other first line brand names creating a superstar demeanour. At the photo shoot location’s dressing room, the clothes and accessories were like glittering jewels which gave much delight to the eyes. It resembled a small scale men’s boutique.

SJM has legions of fans following them no matter where they go, with popularity spreading across the whole of Asia. Their popularity is now steadily extending to European countries as well as Middle Eastern countries. They are popular1 like the bright red leather jacket that Siwon wore, Donghae and Eunhyuk complements with a black leather jacket, Zhoumi looking stylish in a black and white blouse, Sungmin gave an elegant interpretation of the vest, Kyuhyun and Ryeowook used their soulful eyes to add character to the simple outfits while only the youngest member Henry wore a suit for the photo shoot, challenging the precocious maturity of a youth.

Zhoumi appreciates Chinese papercutting2

The photoshoot was carried out at the Liang Gallery, Neihu, which is currently conducting a joint exhibition by 10 artists. Exhibits include arts, papercuttings, embroidery and other art forms. SJ-M found the exhibition fresh and interesting, expressing that it is a very rare opportunity to be able to appreciate art in the midst of their busy schedules. Siwon was especially serious where he repeatedly nodded to compliment the artworks. Zhoumi who hails from Wuhan especially admires a 100 yuan papercutting artpiece. “Of course I love the Chinese yuan, but it is a pity that this piece is damaged3”. He is the only member of Chinese descendant, he said with a smile that while he is in Taiwan, he would love to guest on 《女人我最大》4, expressing his love for Taiwan’s television programmes. He especially likes MC Lan Xin Mei, who starred in a TV show titled 鸡蛋碰石头 (Like An Egg Striking a Rock) over a decade ago.

Siwon makes good use of the time to read his script

The 8 members took turns for the photo shoot, and while waiting for his turn, Siwon was working hard to memorise his lines in the script, as he will be starring in the upcoming idol drama “Extravagant Challenge”. Ryeowook was also very serious but he was reading his own notes in his Chinese diary. He is recognised by the members as the one who had made the biggest progress in terms of learning Chinese. Kyuhyun on the other hand was spotted yawning as he stayed up the night before to watch a Taiwanese movie titled 《聽說》5. He watched the movie alone while drinking red wine and is thus deemed as a person who knows how to enjoy life.

Henry’s mum is from Pingdong

Who is the vain one among the members? Zhoumi was unanimously chosen because he loves shopping and buying skincare products. Whose body is the sexiest? Eunhyuk without hesitation said “I have a good shoulder line and six pack abs”. Ryeowook also gave him his vote. A beautiful melody can be heard in the photo shoot location, and it was actually Henry making a spontaneous improvisation on the piano. Henry started learning piano and violin when he was 6. His mother is from Pingdong while his father is from Hong Kong. Henry has an adorable baby face, making it difficult for people to make out his age. He joked saying that he is only 15 causing people around him to both doubt and believe his wordsat the same time. In the end he confessed that he is already 21.

Donghae likes Taiwanese girls

SJM are having a 2-month long stay in Taiwan. They recorded a travel programme not too long ago where they went to Pingxi to release the sky lantern and to taste the stinky tofu6. In order to understand Taiwan’s culture, the members are diligently learning Chinese. They tested Sungmin on his Chinese level, and he pieced together a sentence which said: “My Chinese teacher is abnormal”, causing people to immediately spurt their rice, showing his potential in variety shows. Donghae said that Taiwan girls are very attractive and has a deep impression of model Lin Zhi Ling, openly declaring: “I’m a fan of her movies!”

1 writer used the word 紅which means both red and popular in Chinese
2 Chinese folk art
3 cut into the artpiece
4 Nu ren wo zui da – it’s a programme which gives beauty and fashion tips
5 ting shuo – English title – Hear Me is a movie starring Eddie Peng and Ivy Chen (Donghae and Siwon’s co star in Extravagant Challenge)
6 Stinky tofu is a strong-smelling preserved bean curd.

Photoshoot pictures found below:

Siwon / Loewe red leather jacket 111,000 yuan, blue jeans 14,900 yuan, YSL black top 33,700 yuan, Diagano wrist watch 1,132,000 yuan.

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Donghae / Versace fringed leather jacket 144,150 yuan, brushed white pants 29,100 yuan, YSL light gray short-sleeved T-shirt 20,400 yuan, Bvlgari Parentesi white gold leather necklace 74,500 yuan, Gerald Genta GEFICA BI-RETRO wrist watch 515,000 yuan.

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Ryeowook / Loewe Nappa leather vest with double sided down 111,000 yuan, YSL light gray short-sleeved T-shirt 20,400 yuan, Versace brush coloured white pants 29,100 yuan, Bvlgari wrist watch 68,000 yuan

Free Image Hosting at

Kyuhyun / Loewe Nappa short leather jacket 193,900 yuan, YSL black shirt 33,700 yuan, Bvlgari Save the children ring 12,200 yuan, Daniel Roth ENDURER CHRONOSPRINT watch 423,800 yuan.

Free Image Hosting at

Zhou Mi / Versace black and white geometric patterned blouse 30,500 yuan, belt 13,550 yuan, YSL black suit jacket 58,600 yuan, Loewe blue jeans 14,900 yuan, Bvlgari B. zero 1 diamond studded ring 26 million 9,000 yuan, Assioma watch 202,200 yuan

Free Image Hosting at

Eunhyuk / Versace jacket 213,800 yuan, T-shirt 25,750 yuan, YSL black suit pants, Bvlgari B. zero 1 rose gold black ceramic ring 33,900 yuan.

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Sungmin / YSL light gray short-sleeved T-shirt 20,400 yuan, a black vest 83,250 yuan, Loewe blue jeans 14,900 yuan, Bvlgari B. zero 1 stainless steel and rose gold bracelet 44,100 yuan, B. zero 1 White K gold diamond necklace 138,700 yuan

Free Image Hosting at

Henry / Versace black double-breasted suit jacket 72,150 yuan, black shirt 20,300 yuan, black trousers 26,000 yuan, Bvlgari B. zero 1 K White gold ring 51,900 yuan.

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Far East Movement performs “Rocketeer” on Music Core

20 Mar

Hip hop group Far East Movement performed for the first time on today’s episode of MBC’s “Music Core“!

The group is currently visiting Korea for their Korean concert tour and decided to hit up “Music Core” with a special performance of “Rocketeer,” a track off of their latest single.

Through Star News, representatives of MBC revealed, “Far East Movement promised a performance with us this week, but because their track, ‘Rocketeer,’ has a form of advertisement in the lyrics (‘Super Mario’), we’ve decided to edit that portion of the lyrics out and submit it for a quick evaluation before they make their appearance.”

Although Far East Movement has experience performing at the “2010 MAMA” last November, this will be the first time the group has made an appearance on a public broadcast music program.

Check it out below!

Source: Star News via Naver

Super Junior’s Foresight Ep.09 2011.02.02

3 Feb

Full Show
Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3


credit: youtube

Y-STAR Idol Scandal – Behind Story of GDA 2010 2010.12.16

23 Jan

credit: youtube