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Glasses Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon & Kyuhyun Chibi at Super Show 3 in Shanghai

17 Mar

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Super Junior’s “Super Show 3 3D” garners great success at the box office

2 Mar

Super Junior’s 3D concert movie, “Super Show 3 3D“, has been showing great success at the box office.

According to the Korean Film Commission, the movie has managed to bring in 11,940 audience members within the first four days of its release. For February 25th through the 27th, “Super Show 3 3D” even managed to rank sixth at the box office.

Various other singers have put out 3D concert movies before, but none have come close to the success that Super Junior is currently enjoying. Amongst others in the ‘3D alternative contents’ genre, the movie has managed to set a best record with its achievements thus far.

A representative of SM Entertainment commented, “Ticket reservations ranked in the top even before the movie’s release, and because of fan requests, we’ve even set up an additional charged preview. We predict more views for ‘Super Show 3 3D’ in the future.”

Source + Photos: World Journal via NaverAllKPop



Super Junior receives a warm welcoming in Japan

19 Feb

Despite never having formally debuted in Japan, Super Junior received an overwhelming rush of fans immediately upon their arrival for their “Super Show 3” tour.

Dozens of cars followed the boys out of the airport and traveled right alongside them to each of their destinations. Held at the Yokohama Arena on February 18th, fans were seen crowding outside the concert hall in the early morning with various “Super Show 3″ merchandise.

A truck wrapped in pictures of the group toured around the city as well, allowing fans to stop and take special photos in memory of the event.

Super Junior released “Super Junior Japan Limited Special Edition – Super Show 3” on February 16th in celebration of their three-day stay, which managed to rank in at 8th place on Oricon’s daily album chart.

Source + Photos: TV Daily via Daum


Super Show 3 in Japan is really different from other SS3. They have new shirt for encore, and more solo and others. The tickets is cool too, SS3 Singapore’s ticket is so plain than SS3 Jap

Super Junior wants to bring Super Show 4 to the rest of the world

1 Feb

The Super Junior members were in Singapore this past weekend for the Singapore leg of theirSuper Show 3concert tour and it finished off successfully with 20,000 fans going home delighted.

Before the second concert in Singapore yesterday, the members had a press conference with the local media where they expressed their desire to bring the next edition, Super Show 4, to cities outside of Asia. Since the beginning of their Super Show concert tour begun back in 2008, the extravaganza has been confined to mainly east and southeastern countries in Asia.

The prolific group has plans to bring a brand new Super Show 4 showcase to the rest of the world “after the release of their fifth album” this year“, so says band leader Leeteuk, 27, when asked to share on the group’s plans and goals for 2011.

We won’t restrict it [Super Show 4] to only Asia“, he smilingly adds, during an interview with Xin MSN yesterday at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Leeteuk and Heechul were also asked about the minor accident they got into. “As long as my fans are fine, we are fine,” Heechul coolly replied, grinning from ear to ear. Leeteuk chimed in, “In future for security reasons, we want fans to be careful and take care of themselves too.”

The Super Junior boys will regroup again next month for the Japan leg of their Super Show 3 concert tour from February 18 – 20th, and they will also head to the Philippines, Taiwan and Malaysia in the coming months before ending in Vietnam on May 7th.

Source: XinMSNallkpop



110131 Singapore SS3 Press Conference with XinMSN (Full Article & Videos)

1 Feb

After conquering and wowing Asia with a series of Super Shows through the years, a fifth album and world domination is on Super Junior’s agenda for 2011

Local fans of Korean boyband Super Junior waited long and hard before the group’s Super Show concert finally made it to our shores.


On Saturday night, five years after their debut in 2005, the boys held their first sold-out concert in Singapore to a full house crowd of 6,000 ardent fans. They went on to throw an equally resounding successful second show yesterday after a press conference with the local media in the late afternoon.

Previously confined to the boundaries of Asia, international fans around the world have more reason to celebrate in 2011.

The prolific group has plans to bring a brand new Super Show 4 showcase to the rest of the world “after the release of their fifth album” this year, so says band leader Leeteuk, 27, when asked to share on the group’s plans and goals for 2011.

“We won’t restrict it [Super Show 4] to only Asia”, he smilingly adds, during an interview with xinmsn yesterday at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Before the press conference and interview, members of the media were told to submit their questions beforehand for the Korean management’s perusal. When xinmsn tried to further probe the members to share more about their upcoming fifth album, their Korean publicist stepped in and restricted the media from asking any other questions surrounding the topic.

This is the group’s second visit to Singapore after their first whirlwind stopover in June last year and the boys are “honoured” to be the first Korean group to hold a two-day concert on our little isle.

Global superstars they may be, they sure didn’t come across as standoffish or haughty with their mannerisms and gestures.

Speaking of diehard fans who unflinchingly queued day and night in the continuous torrential rains over the weekend, Eunhyuk, the group’s best dancer, earnestly expressed, “We’re so touched by fans that despite the rainy weather and heavy downpours, they are all outside in the downpour waiting for us.

“We are really touched by the support.”

At one point during the press conference, leader Leeteuk even got up from his seat and offered a reporter his microphone during the Q&A segment, setting off a wave of exclamations as he charmed the entire floor with his affable presence.

Standing before the reporter, he commented on the fender bender both he and Heechul met with on the highway after landing in Singapore on Friday evening.

Despite the close call which involved seven vehicles, the duo emerged unscathed from the incident and had nothing but words of concern for their fans.

“As long as my fans are fine, we are fine,” Heechul, 27, coolly replied, grinning from ear to ear.

Leeteuk chimed in, “In future for security reasons, we want fans to be careful and take care of themselves too.”

During the interview, when asked to share on little quirks and weird habits practiced by various members of the group, Heechul, who was initially ousted as “the one” looked a little flabbergasted when the microphone was placed in his hands.

After a little deliberation amongst themselves, the boys eventually revealed that the group’s vocalist, Yesung, had a queer habit of “drinking lots of energy drinks before the concert starts.”

Apparently the 26-year-old also believes that computer games are a strong indication of a concert’s success and failure.

“He loves to play computer games related to sports. And if the games don’t go well, he believes that the concert won’t go well,” the boys chuckled, sending the room of people into peals of laughter.

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CR: Xin.msn + Text: Joanna Goh + Videos: Teng Siew Eng & Fiona Lin



Hee kisses Hyuk @SS3 BKK

16 Jan


credit: youtube

SS3 BKK pt 1

16 Jan

credits; violetmoon13

[VID] [Official] Super Show 3 in Singapore Promotional Video

31 Dec


Kyuhyun Walking Without Shoes @ SS3

25 Dec

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[FanCam] SS3 Nanjing – (kyuhyun cried , etc)

14 Nov

Kyuhyun Cried

Kyuhyun Kissed Siwon Cheek

EunHae I Wanna Love You

U Super Junior (Heechul Focus)

Kyuhyun Eat Green Paper

A Man In Love

Shake it up

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