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19 Dec

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101218 SM The Ballad – Hot Times

18 Dec

Jay is not there again, Kyuhyun with his shades again, so handsome.



15 Dec

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SM The Ballad – Hot Times at Inkigayo

12 Dec

Kyuhyun with his shades again, so handsome :DD There’s no Jay, again. ;_;

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[Download] SM The Ballad Mini Album

29 Nov

Download SM the Ballad- Really Missing You Mini Album

01 너무 그리워 (Miss You)

02 Hot Times (시험하지 말기)

03 다시··· 사랑합니다 (Love Again)

04 Don`t Lie (Feat. Henry Of Super Junior-M)

05 내일은··· (Another Day)

SM The Ballad MV – I Miss You

29 Nov

Featuring Lee Yeonhee and Baker King, Kim Tak gu Gu Majun, Joowon.

credit: sm channel @ Youtube

Kyuhyun Twitter Update- SM THE BALLAD

28 Nov

SM THE BALLAD ~ SM THE BALLAD ~ 지노 종현 규현 제이 // 너무 그리워 대박!!^^
SM THE BALLAD ~ Jino Jonghyun KyuHyun Jay // Miss You. Daebak!!^^

Source: Twitter @Gaemgyu

SM The Ballad postpones album release

25 Nov

SM Entertainment’s ballad project group has postponed their album release date to November 29th.

SM Entertainment’s ballad project S.M. The Ballad’s first album Miss You was scheduled to be released on the 25th.  However, due to Yeonpyeong incident, the company considering the mood of the country changed the album release date to November 29th.

Because the preview of the songs from the album have already been released, the title song, Miss You will be revealed on various music sites.

The title song, Miss You is about feeling regret on being unable to stop the lover from leaving him.  It is a sad but beautiful ballad that expresses how a man feels waiting for his lover to come back through the four members’ voice color and their great singing ability, making the song more sad.

The album features a total of 5 songs including Kyuhyun’s emotional solo Love Again made by Brown Eyed Soul’s member Jungyup and Echo Bridge, Jay’s solo Another Day which contains beautiful melody and lyrics.

Jay from Trax, Kyuhyun from Super Junior, Jonghyun from SHINee and a newcomer Jino have gathered to form the group.

Meanwhile, due to Yeonpyeong incident, Brown Eyed Soul, Sistar, Untouchable, Park Jungmin and many singers have postponed their album release date.

Source: Osen

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SM THE BALLAD Kyu and Jay’s Teaser

25 Nov

Love Again – Kyuhyun

Another Day – Jay



24 Nov

SM THE BALLAD Track list !!

1. 너무 그리워 (Miss You)

2. Hot Times (시험하지 말기)

3. 다시 … 사랑합니다 (Love Again)

4. Don’t Lie

5. 내일은… (Another Day)