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[Video] 110217 TV Entertainment with Siwon, Inyoung (Leeteuk’s sister)

19 Feb



110118 Who Said ‘It’s Okay Daddy’s Daughter’ is an Idol Drama

18 Jan


SBS TV Mon-Tues drama ‘It’s Okay Daddy’s Daughter’ has been presumed as a ‘singer’s drama,’ ‘idol drama’ even before its broadcast. It is because besides Moon Chaewon (25), Choi Jinhyuk (26), Juhn Taesoo (27) etc most of the young actors are either singers or started out as idols.

The expression of ‘singer’s drama,’ ‘idol drama’ means that the viewer will be viewing their casting with colored glasses. However these singers who started the drama with a question mark attached to their acting skills have left that top open and have shown good acting, far from the predictions made.

The actor turned singers have received the love of the viewers through not only their acting skills but also their newness through the drama, ‘It’s Okay Daddy’s Daughter’ a story about a warm family, that first aired last year November 22nd and has one episode left.

In this drama’s cast is Kangsung from the drama ‘Ya-in Generation’ who is better known as the singer of the title song ‘Ya-in’, ‘Baby VOX’ member Lee Heejin, ‘Super Junior’ Donghae, ‘CN BLUE’ Kang Minhyuk, ‘4Minute’ Nam Jihyun, etc.

Kangsung, originally a child actor but better known as a singer, plays the role of a playboy who turns into a cool guy as he learns the true meaning of love, and with his acting that appeals to the viewers, he for sure has left an impression to them.

Lee Heejin, a singer who left the music world and has shown her acting skills through plays and musicals, greatly digested crying acting and her hidden acting skills were shown. She was newly acknowledged as not a singer but an actor.

Very well known idol singers Donghae (25), Kang Minhyuk (20), Nam Jihyun (22) etc was greatly attracted by the viewers for their newness. Specially because they were able to show their acting skills although they were busy with over sea promotions, they were given the new nickname of ‘acting-dol.’

Viewers showed their positive response by saying such comments as “Because I heard idol singers were casted I was uneasy and was filled with dissatisfaction, but since they were doing so well I was surprised,” “It’s unfortunate that the drama is ending so quickly and I can’t see the good actors’ acting more.”

The production company Story364’s producer Park Chaerin complimented them by saying “I liked their acting that was as excellent as if an actor not a singer had done it” and “If you wanted to do a drama with all those actors a few years later, the production cost with even 10x as much as it is now, won’t cover them.”

Source: Naver News / Newsis

Translated by: hyoimieholic @ SJ-WORLD.NET


110118 Siwon Voted by Netizens as the best Acting idol

18 Jan

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Choi Siwon was voted by the netizens as the best acting idol.

From January 12th to the 19th, the biggest movie website in Korea Max Movie polled the question, “among the idols that are appearing in the dramas that are currently airing, which idol is the best actor?” Total of 4681 people participated in the poll.


The result of the poll came out and Super Junior’s member Choi Siwon took the number one spot with 53.3 percent(2497 people).

The second place was T-Ara’s Ham Eunjung (13.7%, 640 people), the third place Davichi’s Kang Minkyung(8.4%, 392 people), the fourth place 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon(8.1%, 377 people), the fifth place Miss A’s Bae Suzy(5%, 233 people), the seventh place Super Junior’s Donghae(3.6%, 168 people), the eighth place CN Blue Kang Minhyuk(2.7%, 128 people), and the ninth place went to Super Junior’s Lee Sungmin(2.2%, 105 people).

A netizen commented, “I saw Choi Siwon’s acting when I was watching Athena and his acting was great which was unlike being an idol.”

*Some parts of the article were omitted

Source: OSEN
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM


110109 Sungmin, 3rd Most Anticipated Acting Idol

9 Jan

The community portal site “DC Inside” conducted a survey on the subject “Who is the most anticpated ‘Acting Idol’ in dramas of 2011?” from 28 December 2010 to 4 January 2011.

Super Junior’s Sungmin received 1385 of the total 6112 votes (22.7%) to come in 3rd after Dong Bang Shin Ki’s U-know Yunho and Max Changmin. Currently acting in the KBS 2TV Wed-Thu drama “PRESIDENT”, Sungmin accumlated his acting experience as child actor to Kim Chanwoo in the drama “SISTERS OF THE SEA” before his debut.

Sungmin, whose acting activities centered mainly on musicals after his debut, has received favourable reviews for his role as a character with the same name, Jang Sungmin, in “PRESIDENT”.

*Only parts of the article relevant to Sungmin have been included.

Source: Newsen

Translated by: Ally! @

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[Video] 101222 KBS President Ep 3- Sungmin Cut

30 Dec

ahaha, i forgot to post it, so now i post this video now, enjoy 😀

Sungmin is so cute >_<

credit: minimingify channel @ YT

[Audio] “And I Love You” – Yesung and Luna for President OST

30 Dec

I really like the song >_<

cr: t00channelPart2 @ YT

101228 Athena Set – Siwon

29 Dec

source: artsnews



Super Junior’s Siwon confirms that he is not in a slave contract

28 Dec

Super Junior’s Siwon confirmed that he was not entangled in a ’slave contract’ in front of government officials during a press conference for “Athena: Goddess of War.”

Held on December 28th, the hour-long press conference was met with visits by government officials (such as Minister Yoo In Chon of the Ministry of Culture & Tourism), as well as by the CEO of the drama’s production company, Taewon Entertainment. The conference was called in order to listen to and discuss in detail some of the issues that the drama was going through, such as location rights and copyrighting.

Mid-conference, Yoo brought up the topic of unfair income distribution in contracts between entertainment agencies and their artists. Yoo had turned to Siwon and asked if such contracts still existed.

Siwon replied, “No, there are no such issues at the moment.”

When the Free Trade Commission’s standard entertainment contract was mentioned, Siwon stated, “All contracts are being made according to the FTC’s standards.”

When asked whether he felt any difficulties in acting in TV dramas, Siwon answered, “There isn’t anything too difficult. I will continue to do my best.”


Source + Photos: EDaily, C News


[Video] 101227 It’s Okay, Daddy’s Daughter Ep 10 – Donghae Cut

28 Dec

The most handsome waiter = Donghae XD


It’s Okay Daddy’s Daugther Ep 1-9

22 Dec

Hello You can watch It’s Okay Daddy’s Daughter Here

But just ep 1 until 3 have a Eng Sub