110427 May Issue of GQ – Siwon : Translation of his Interview

27 Apr

Q:What are your plans of your activities for 2011?

A: I finished with “Athena” and now am working as part of the sub-unit which works in Taiwan, Super Junior-M. I am also planning to show a new side of me through the drama which is based on Japanese popular manga “Skip Beat” called “Extravagant Challenge”. I will be working with my member, Donghae and Taiwanese popular actress Chen Yi Han. Also, we are not sure of the date yet, but we are planning to visit our Korean fans through Super Junior’s new album in the 2nd half of the year. There are also other plans. I think this year is the busiest, and the most fruitful year yet.

Q:What is the difference of the life as Super Junior’s member and as an actor Choi Siwon?

A: Rather than trying to focus on one, I try to devote to both as actor Choi Siwon and Super Junior’s member Choi Siwon. But because I am trying to do both roles, members are more considerate when it comes to scheduling. Thanks to the members who respect the actor Choi Siwon, and for their great help, I am able to maintain my singing life and acting life balanced.

Q:Who is your favorite fashion designer? Even if it’s not a particular fashion designer, what kind of fashion do you like?

A:Rather than being fashion designer of a particular brand, I think it is more admirable and excellent, if they are able to reflect the country’s culture through their design. In that, I admire fashion designer Andre Kim. Maybe it’s because I had the opportunity to walk in his show three times, but his clothes seem to be perfect in any way on any stage. Also, I think his design is a good mixture of Korean and modern beauty, which, I think, is the cultural icon that represents Korea.

Q:There aren’t many opportunities to see your airport, press conference fashion, fashion that is natural. What is your style?

A: Rather than extravagant and unique designs, I prefer simple and basic colors. I like to give change among those simple and basic colors. Usually, I wear t-shirt and jeans, and buy the shirts that I like in different colors.

Q:Then, what do you think is the most important when it comes to styling?

A:Ever since I was young, I was told that to a man, a watch is very important. There is also a saying that the watch completes a man’s fashion. I like simple and basic clothes but prefer watches of different designs and styles.

Q:What is your favorite style of watches? Sporty? or classic? Bracelet like watches that seems like accessories or normal straps?

A:Rather than daring designs that are very “bling bling”, I prefer classy and leather straps, like the one that I wore for today’s photo shoot. But in the summer, I wear sporty ones to give an accent to the overall look of my clothes.

Q: Lastly, please say something to your fans.

A: Thank you for always loving me, and of course, Super Junior. Because of your love, Super Junior members and I are here, growing. Like now, let’s go through the hardships together, rejoice together when something good happens, and make a lot of good memories. Thank you.

Source: @5000question 
Translated by Jee (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

credit: sup3rjunior.com


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