110414 SJ-M Long Stay In Taiwan Earning Foreign Currency, Dumplings Wrapped as a Flower

15 Apr

Super Junior-M Sungmin (from left), Ryeowook, Zhou Mi and Henry yesterday competed with Siwon etc to wrap dumplings, Sungmin’s hands were the most skilful, he wrapped his dumplings like flowers.

Eunhyuk mischievously wrapped his dumpling as a spring roll and posed to eat it raw.

Siwon carefully pinched folds, just like a fan.

Korean group Super Junior-M (abbreviated SJ-M) members are in Taiwan for a long stay to film a drama, study Chinese and yesterday they took advantage of their free time to compete against each other in wrapping Chinese boiled dumplings. Sungmin’s dumplings were wrapped like flowers, Eunhyuk was different to everyone else, he simply mischievously wrapped his dumplings as spring rolls. They are not only skilful with their hands, they are even able to earn money, last year with their main group Super Junior they earned 2.346 billion NTD for SM Entertainment, which included half from foreign earnings in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan!

SJ-M members, which include Siwon, Donghae, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Henry, Zhou Mi, Eunhyuk and Sungmin, are staying in rented accommodation for their long stay. A few days ago Kyuhyun returned to Korea to perform in a musical and just flew back to Taiwan yesterday, as a result he was absent from the dumpling competition.

Henry’s mother is Taiwanese, but he said frankly: “I’ve only learnt from going on variety programmes, I don’t really know how to wrap them.” While Chinese member Zhou Mi confidently stated that he had helped his mother wrap dumplings since he was a child, his technique was first rate, however in the end his dumplings were disliked by Ryeowook for being ugly.

Ryeowook and Sungmin, who seem unassuming, rapidly wrapped round and flower shaped Korean style dumpling, Sungmin said: “Korean people think that the more beautifully a dumpling is wrapped, the more beautiful the child will be when they are born!”  Eunhyuk used his creativity to score, he wrapped his dumplings into spring rolls; Donghae who is currently working hard to study Chinese could not accurately catch on to the four tones in Chinese, he frequently said dumpling as “sleeping”.

Helping SM to Be King by Earning 2.3 Billion

Korean media yesterday announced the revenue earnings for the three big Korean management agencies, last year on behalf of their company SM Entertainment, SJ and SNSD earnt approximately 2.346 billion NTD, with net profit reaching 581.490 million NTD, beating Big Bang and 2PM from YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment respectively, to take first place.

Source:  Apple Daily
Translated by: purple_princess@sapphirepearls.com

credit: sapphirepearls.com


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