Donghae and Heechul tweets in English

27 Mar

Manila, Philippines – Super Junior members’ Donghae and Heechul recently tweeted in English. Donghae’s tweet amused the fans but Heechul’s tweet got the fans worried.

In response to Donghae’s tweet, fans has replied with; “Awww… Whoever got it is lucky!”, “Wonder how he lost it…”, “It’s okay, oppa. We know you have 4 more phones!”, etc.

Meanwhile, Heechul tweets about the scar from the injury he sustained in the face after being hit by a LED board. It worries fans as he seemed insecure and depress about it.

Fans have replied with; “No! Oppa is still handsome/beautiful to us!”, “WE LOVE YOU MILKY SKIN HEECHUL!!!”, “Oppa, we still love you!”, etc. to reassure him.

Source: Donghae’s and Heechul’s Official Twitter Account; For heading pic:

Written by: Eunice Faye Tresvalles/Associate Writer. (
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