Vocal trainer shares opinions on TVXQ, SNSD and Super Junior

26 Mar

Vocal trainer Jung Wonsun is the vocal trainer of most successful idols these days.

During a “Taxi Talkshow” on tvN, vocal trainer Jung Wonsun appeared as a guest along another vocal trainer Park Sujoo. Jung Wonsun mentioned that he is the vocal trainer of some names such as male group TVXQ, Super Junior, and Taeyeon from girl group SNSD.

He reflected on his thoughts on being a vocal trainer during the pre-debut days of several popular idol group members. “Super Junior Leeteuk and Shindong were the naughty ones,” he confessed. “Whenever we started practicing, Leeteuk had a habit to go to the restroom. Shindong loved to joke around when they were supposed to sing a sad song, making the practice even more difficult.”

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On the other hand, he praised SNSD’s Taeyeon, “When I first met Taeyeon, she was only a 7th grader. She had her lesson with me once a week, but her ability to concentrate was already superior compared to her peers of the same age. While training, you wouldn’t see the image of a kid in her eyes. I always believe that this child will become something one day.”

Furthermore, Jung Wonsun revealed his first impression of TVXQ members, “I’d noticed that they’d been Lee Soo Man’s favorite, but the members themselves had this kind of hunger (of practicing) that couldn’t be cut off. There was fighting spirit in their eyes,” recalling the unforgettable experience.

Source: Sharing Yoochun, koreaboo

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