SHINee’s Minho gives shoes to choreographer Shin Jaewon

22 Mar


Shin Jaewon, SHINee’s choreographer, recently tweeted a picture of the gift he received from Minho. He was given a pair of black and red Adidas “beatburger” track shoes from the popular rapper. The custom-made shoes are even personalized to include the name “Minho” on the shoe flaps .

Showing how touched he was, Jaewon included the caption, “Among the shining friends, the one who is like a flame, I received a gift from him. I’m showing off my custom-made “beatburger” shoes! I like the words and colors very much… but… it will be a pity if I wear it!”

Fans following Jaewon left comments like, “I know Minho is beautiful on the outside, but I didn’t know that he’s even more beautiful on the inside,” and “It’s a really heart-warming gift; I like Minho even more now.”

What do you think of Minho’s present?


cr. koreaboo


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