Hangeng’s mistranslated quote leads to response by Leeteuk

22 Mar

Recently, Hangeng held a press conference in Hong Kong to promote the movie, “Daemusaeng”. A reporter questioned him about the recent incident involving a member of Super Junior being injured by a water bottle. The reporter asked, “Not long ago, a member was injured by a water bottle during their performance in Shanghai. Did you hear about this?”

Hangeng was reported to have replied that he did not know, saying “I should call and make sure he’s okay.” However, the mistranslation and controversy comes when media reported him as saying, “I made several attempts to get in contact, but [Super Junior] ignored my calls. Fans and netizens were shocked by this answer, questioning why Super Junior would not pick up his calls.

Upon hearing this, Leeteuk tweeted his thoughts and said, “Our door is always open, there is always an empty seat left for you. It’d be nice if you told the truth. We’ve never let go of your hand, I don’t want to be sad because of lies anymore. We’re Super Junior! I wish you happiness.”

Netizens were quick to defend Leeteuk, stating their happiness in his calm and “cool” response.

However, it was quickly discovered that Hangeng had said no such thing in his interview. His actual response had been, “I don’t know [that] and I will call to ask. Actually, it [has] happened to me before as well but I managed to dodge it.” referring to the water bottle incident. There was no mention of him attempting to call and being ignored.

Source: Newsenifensi @geng_bao, koreaboo
posted by elf101586@sup3rjunior.wordpress.com


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