Super Junior Kim Heechul’s facial injury is worse than imagined

19 Mar

Kim Heechul released a photograph of his face, after being hit by a present which was thrown by a fan.

On the 16th, Chinese web portal ifensi did a report on the recent incident at the Shanghai concert, where Heechul got injured after being hit by an LED board that was thrown by a fan.

ifensi expressed “Kim Heechul was injured, but still performed on the 12th and 13th of this month at ‘Super Show 3’ which was organised by Taiwan Super Dome”, at the same time releasing a photograph of Heechul with a band-aid pasted on his left cheek.

It was the same when (he) participated in other performances and activites, Heechul seems to dislike letting others see his facial injury (and) always wore a mask onstage.

In addition, after Heechul got injured and returned to Korea, (he was) immediately sent to the hospital for treatment. On the 6th of this month, he wrote on Twitter “After getting injured this time, I hope there would never be a time where things flying up on stage again.”

Source: TV Daily
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