Hankyung Revealed That He Cried While Singing In The Recording Studio For “Save The Children”

15 Mar

Various artistes recorded a song to promote ‘Anti-trafficking Activities’. Anson Hu commended that Hankyung was the most enthusiastic

Sina Entertainment News

In the afternoon of 2nd March, the recording of the community song <Children> kicks off at the recording studios in Beijing. The producers, Anson Hu, along with various singers like Hankyung, Yu Quan, He Jie, An You Qi , Shang Wen Jie and Chen Chu Sheng appeared to support . They vowed to promote ‘Anti-trafficking Activities’ to the very end. Hankyung revealed that he cried when he sang the song for the first time. Anson Hu also praised that Hankyung was the most enthusiastic upon receiving the notice. He even gave up his vacation in Hawaii just to take part in the recording of the song.

Anson Hu talks about the intention of his composition in details

As the producer and composer of <Children>, Anson Hu expressed in an interview that he got his inspiration and desire to compose when he saw Yao Chen and Vicky Zhao posting messages about anti-trafficking activities on Sina Weibo. “I used to see children begging for money on the streets while waiting at the traffic lights. And, I would roll down my car window and give them some money. But after that, I found out that these were something controlled by illegal beings so I reflected whether giving them money like this is correct. Then, I wrote this song and I hope that this song will be able to bring out the innermost love of every family.” Anson Hu expressed that since working with Mao Hui to compose this song, many friends from the same industry took part in the recording enthusiastically, this made him really touched.

Hankyung revealed that he cried while singing in the recording studio

Some time ago, while Hankyung was still in Hawaii enjoying his vacation, he received a call from Anson Hu. Immediately, he changed the departure date on his air ticket and decided to join the recording so Anson Hu commended that Hankyung was really enthusiastic. Hankyung said: “I took part in recording of the song, I hope that I can use my actions to call out to the public to gather everyone’s energy and help those trafficked children so that they can go back to their family.” Although he looked really bright and tough, Hankyung is also really sentimental. He admitted that he was really touched by the lyrics and he even cried while recording the song.

Yu Quan expressed that it was really heart-wrenching

Recently, Yu Quan had been giving his all for community services. When he saw pictures of trafficked children waiting for help taken by netizens on Sina Weibo, Yu Quan, being a father, he expressed that it was really heart-wrenching. He said: “Even while recording the song, the images kept flashing across my mind, I really do not wish to see those pictures ever again.” Hai Quan also said that whenever he sees messages of parents looking for their children or pictures of trafficked children waiting for help taken by netizens on Weibo, he would help to spread it around. He said: “We, singers gathered together, we want to use a song like this to convey our intentions and our attitude.”

Source: Sina Music Entertainment
Shared by: yukicorn @ geng-bao.net
Translated by: Amee @ geng-bao.net
Edited by: huiwensg @ geng-bao.net
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