Why did Heechul cry?

13 Mar

In the recent Super Show 3 Taiwan, Super Junior member Heechul was reported sick by the organizers of the said event.

Heechul didn’t perform in some of the dance numbers because of his weak state. This saddened the Taiwanese fans and the international fans present in the event but it didn’t stop them from cheering the boys with their whole heart.

Super Junior ’s leader, Eeteuk took it upon himself to make Heechul feel better. He told the fans that Heechul couldn ’t perform in some of the dance number because he’s still in pain from his injury and because he is unwell. He told the fans to chant “ Saranghaeyo, Kim Heechul” and the fans did. The fans screamed in happiness as Heechul came out from backstage.

As soon as Heechul came out, he bowed to the fans as a sign of thanks for their love and support. As can be seen in the photo above taken by a fan, Heechul was crying. He then walked towards Eeteuk and hugged him.

The scene not only touched the hearts of the fans present in that event but also the fans who saw the pictures. It ’s truly heart-warming to witness such affection and love between the members as well as with their fans. ELFs all over the world wishes that Heechul will feel better soon.

Source: @Zzatul in Twitter

Posted by: @mimilovemicky of Heechulfacts

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