Super Junior Lee Teuk Reveals His Only Love!

13 Mar

Super Junior Lee Teuk showed his boundless love to SM Entertainment.

On March 8th, Nam Gyuri told a story on Strong Heart about Yang Hyun-suk (YG Entertainment CEO) and Lee Su-man (SM Entertainment CEO).

Before she debut as singer, she had a part time job at the coffee shop, she met both them accidentally. And she gave her profile to them and she had a audition to be trainee at Entertainment.

She said, ‘When I was singing infront of Mr. Yang, he was apathetic about me. So I said, then I’m gonna show how I dance, and he accepted to receive me as a trainee.’ So MC Kang asked did she get a call from the SM Entertainment after she got an audition, and she answered she thought YG is better than SM.

At that moment, Leeteuk made a heart by arms and that was greeted with burst into laughter. Leeteuk, who belong to SM, said ‘I love only SM Entertainment. I was never thought to go another Entertanments. And I have a plan to bury my bones at SM.

Also, the staffs of ‘Strong Heart’ inserted the caption as ‘Mr.Lee! I LOVE YOU’ when he was talking, and that made this scene to be more burst into laughter.


**bury one’s bones is a korean idiom. In this case, that means he is gonna work with SM until he stop working as entertainer

Trans:Kim Jeesoo

Source:TVReport via Nate



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