SJ Kangin, Lance Corporal goes to Gangnam for leave, anxiously meets with friends

13 Mar

SJ Kangin, Lance Corporal goes to Gangnam for leave, anxiously meets with friends

It is reported that Kangin, who enlisted in the army in July last year, has been honestly and responsibly spending life in the army. At around 7 March, Kangin was awarded with a long-awaited leave and met his friends near Apgujeong-dong to eat.

In regards to this, (he) received enthusiastic responses from fans, “Hope that (you could) have a good time with Super Junior members and your friends”, “Leave some photographs as proof” etc.

Around October last year, Kangin was awarded leave after being in the army for 100 days and published a photograph (of him) with Super Junior member Heechul, which raised discussions. Especially through the photograph which showed (him) looking thin and weak, which lead people to sigh (and say) “Losing weight makes (him look like) a gentler man”.

In addition, after the hit-and-run drunk driving incident last year, Kangin has self-reflected. He enlisted thorugh the army training in Nonsan, Chungnam. After 5 weeks of basic training, Kangin’s request to become a performing arts soldier was rejected, (he is) now serving in the Signal Corps Service Unit.

Source: Newsen
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