In Style’ January 2011 “The Look | Man of Style – Lee Donghae” Interview

7 Mar

Member of the six year idol group “Super Junior” Lee Donghae, through the television drama “It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl”, has become “newcomer actor Lee Donghae”. What everyone does not know is that actually he has prepared for more than six years to become an actor. For he who has held for a long time the dream of acting and waiting for the opportunity to arrive, the starting gun has been fired. Now in relation to this name of “actor Lee Donghae” there is still a feeling of being ill at ease, but what is certain is, from looking at the start there should be a very good result.

Q: Challenging acting for the first time, what was your frame of mind?
A: I really wanted to try acting very much. During this period, every time I saw a person I grabbed them and annoyed them saying I wanted to act. (Laugh) As a result at the moment when “It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl” was confirmed, that dream was fulfilled. When the script was received without condition I said I wanted to screen test. Due to it being a family drama I felt that it would suitably display my acting, in addition the character of “Choi Wookgi” in the drama has many common points with me, so as my first acting challenge I felt that it was appropriate.

Q: To the degree of annoying everyone around you about wishing to act, do you feel surprised?
A: When I was 19 years old, I heard that director Kang Jekyu would be conducting screen tests at our company, originally I only simply wanted to give my greetings, but I wanted to display my special side, so in those few days I memorized lines from movies I liked, so that when I saw the director I could perform for him. Even though the director was slightly alarmed, but regardless of whether it was done well, I showed what I had prepared, this point I am very satisfied with. Now that I think about it, it seems that I started to have a very big desire to act since childhood.

Q: What areas do you and “Choi Wookgi” in the drama have that are similar?
A: Even though Choi Wookgi is the maknae of three brothers, but due to his parents being unable to do so he has to carry the role of being a parent. It is a role of sacrificing himself for his hyungs. In reality, I am the maknae, before debut my family situation was very difficult. So it was very easy to understand the role and also be able to throw my feelings into it.

What Women Have to Say
Victoria f(x): Super Junior sonbae really are multi-talented. Donghae sonbae’s performance in a drama, I am really looking forward to it, after watching the broadcast it really did not disappoint me. I believe that up to the completion of the drama it will be as good as it is now.

Luna f(x): Donghae oppa’s first broadcast showed his tears acting and it really received much praise. I feel that Donghae is a very strong singer, it really is different with his change towards becoming an actor. In the future what other side will he also show everyone, now we can only wait? (Laugh)

Q: When “It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl” first broadcast your tears acting received much attention right?
A: I was very worried whether my new image would give the audience a feeling of unfamiliarity. Of course the people watching it would bring the bias of seeing an actor who is originally a singer, now it’s still not actor Lee Donghae but it’s Super Junior’s Lee Donghae. Luckily during the initial broadcast period the reporters wrote many encouraging words, I guess I could breathe a sigh of relief.

Q: It wasn’t tiring to film the crying scenes?
A: When I first received the script it was quite worrying. I thought “if my hyung really did die what kind of feeling would it be” and “would the tears really come during the filming on set”. So one month prior to filming, I would place a video camera in my room to practice my lines. Sometimes, when I saw it I would feel that there was a feeling of reality and it was quite good, but there were also times that the feelings weren’t appropriately captured. I could feel deeply that acting is not an easy thing. Luckily on the day of filming the staff were very good at guiding the atmosphere, it was very natural to fall into it. I still feel that it’s very mysterious how I cried at the time now that I think about it.

Q: What were the reactions of the members?
A: After Heechul hyung watched the broadcast he said “you’re better at crying”. Normally I have a lot of tears as well. (Laugh) Those members who have started acting first are all very good, I have just started acting and I have the burden of being worried that if I do not do well then it will affect the group, the members said I did well and gave me encouragement, I feel even better.

Q: Is there a role model to learn from amongst the actors?
A: Lee Byunghun sonbae. After watching his acting I feel that not one part can be lost. I also want to become that type of actor who is indispensable to the project.

Q: Up to 31 December 2011, your schedule has been very busy, do you not want to rest?
A: In each year if there happened to be one week vacation during spring and autumn then that would be good. Compared to summer, it’s best going outdoors when it’s blowing a nice cool wind.

Q: Then, there isn’t much time to rest?
A: Well there aren’t activities 24 hours a day, if the schedule is arranged well then there is time to rest. If there are activities at 12 noon the next day, in the morning after I get up I can watch an early session at the movies and do some exercise to use the time separately. Also, the members are all very energetic too, they can work and play at the same time very well. When we are in the waiting room it isn’t much different to a club.

Q: There are lots of interesting things with so many people in the waiting room right?
A: Don’t need to bring it up, during “MiInah” activities all the members in the waiting room played the pouring water game, so we were unable to sleep even when we were tired. When sleeping soundly water would be poured on us and we would be drenched, that kind of feeling, if you haven’t tried it you won’t know. (Laugh) But it was also fun.

Q: About when will you start dating?
A: Firstly there isn’t time, also I’m not telling a lie, but at present I attach more importance to my career and the loyalty between friends rather than love.

Q: Then that means with activities all along you haven’t dated?
A: Of course I have, but it can get very tiring seeing each other. I have been together with the members all along so I have never felt lonely. But conversely, I also really want to have children early, what can be done?

Q: Super Junior’s “airport style” has always been a topic of discussion.
A: The fans always go to the airport, so some thought needs to be spent on it. There isn’t even time to buy clothes, so consideration needs to be given to how the clothes can be worn with my own style, the level of the members and myself is in the process of gradually rising. (Laugh)

Q: Normally what style of clothes do you wear?
A: Because I’m not very tall, so I wear shorter tops and slightly tighter pants. As for color, I like monochromatic tones. Recently I’ve been wearing some leather jackets that have a little detail on them.

Q: What fashionable accessories do you especially like?
A: Hats and sunglasses. Compared with monotonous clothing, using some accessories to add a focal point will make it seem more mature and with poise.

Q: Singing and acting have all been tried… is there anything else you want to challenge?
A: I have many more wishes for acting and that is in the different areas of love, action and comedy dramas. But before this, if I need to reach the point of being able to choose the roles that I want, then I still need to accumulate some acting first.

Q: It’s nearly 2011 now, what wishes do you want to fulfil this year?
A: Firstly, the television drama “It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl” receives even more love. The album that is in the process of being prepared and the overseas activities planned for 2011 are successful. Also, to be able to often see Park Seungil hyung who is fighting the muscular dystrophy illness and hope to have a year where there is lots of time to personally visit and take care of people who are in pain like hyung.

Source: In Style
Translated from Korean to Chinese by:李信信@Lee Donghae Baidu &
Translated from Chinese to English by:




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