Heechul asks fans to refrain from throwing presents

7 Mar

Through an interview with Star News on March 7th, Super Junior’s Heechul discussed his recent injury, which he received during the group’s concert in Shanghai. Heechul also gave a polite request to Super Junior’s beloved fans.

Heechul shared,

During the middle of our ‘Super Show 3‘ concert in Shanghai, I headed towards the side of the stage in order to get closer to my fans. A fan threw a present, which ended up hitting the left side of my face. Although it wasn’t a big injury, it ripped the skin under my eye.

After arriving in Korea on the 6th, SM Entertainment was able to reach a hospital (despite it being a Sunday) and got me proper treatment.

I’m not worried about my injury so much as I am about this happening again to another member. I know that it’s all because our fans love us so much, but I hope they’ll realize that if accidents like this continue to occur, we cannot show everything we’ve prepared for them on stage.”

Heechul was unable to attend the ending stage for the concert that night, and because his injury couldn’t be covered by makeup, he wasn’t able to attend the recording for MBC’s “The Night of Shining Memories” on March 8th.

He concluded, “There are fans who throw presents at the other members, but I hope they will stop that. They have to stop in order for Super Junior to present the best performance possible, and for fans to enjoy that experience.”

Guys, i know that you love them, they know that you all love them very much. So, don’t do that thing, it can hurt them. They’re human, they feel pain too, they can mad too. They can’t just say it’s okay if something bad happened. So forward, let’s be careful and show our love not by throwing things at them 🙂

Source: Star News via Nate

credit: allkpop.com



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