Super Junior-M’s Netease Interview 2011.03.04 – With Translation

5 Mar

Translation of some of the parts during the interview. Zhou Mi talking about Kyuhyun around 10:11:

INTERVIEWER: Now because you’ve been helping them with Chinese. Could you talk about that, for example, who’s most well-behaved, who’s most naughty?
ZHOU MI: Most well-behaved student? Most well-behaved student.. well, they’re all really well-behaved. Like if I tell them their pronunciation is wrong, they’ll fix it. What was your other question? The most– the most–
ZHOU MI: The naughtiest student? The n- (= =;;) Of course it’s HIM. (points at Kyuhyun)
ZHOU MI: The naughtiest… because his pronunciation is too good, and I don’t need to worry about it, so sometimes, if I were to say– “Oh, Kyuhyun, this is isn’t a very good pronunciation.” he’ll joke with me and say, “No, it’s YOUR pronunciation that’s bad. Like, “Gege, it’s your pronunciation that’s bad.” But I think everyone’s pronunciation in this album has improved really significantly from in the first and second albums. But aside from this, Eunhyuk and Sungmin ge – as new members, while we were recording, they were especially worried about their pronunciation, and were afraid they couldn’t catch up with the other members. But their pronunciation is actually really good, and I’m really pleased with how their pronunciation turned out.

And Kyuhyun talking about the MV:

INTERVIEWER: So what were some fun things that happened during the recording? Some more memorable things.
KYUHYUN: (Korean) When we were preparing for Super Junior M’s new album, we filmed two versions of the MV: Chinese and Korean. So it was double the time compared to the usual amount of time it’d take for recording work. We barely slept for about two-three days, so it was pretty difficult.

-Doesn’t include the parts that doesn’t concern Kyuhyun.-

Translated by: evaporate @ twitter
Source of the translation: Here
Please take out with proper credits.


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