DBSK Changmin suspended his drama shooting temporarily for Super Junior Kyuhyun

3 Mar

DBSK Changmin suspended his drama shooting temporarily for Super Junior Kyuhyun. Crowned as the highest ‘Male Loyalty’.
Kim Bosung and Kim Sungsu who appeared on MBC Every1 Super Junior’s Foresight scheduled to air on March 2nd 2011 with 4 MC (Leeteuk, Yesung, Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun) shared their stories about ‘The Loyalty as Men”.

In this episode, the 4 MCs got a mission that they must call someone and they must to get the answer like “Where are you? I’ll come to you right now!”.

As one of the MCs, Kyuhyun made a phone call with DBSK Changmin who was shooting for the last episode of his drama. Changmin said, at first he was told by the staff to refuse answering the call, but when he heard Kyuhyun’s voice in a panic, he immediately said: “Okay I know, I’m coming right away!” To assure the mission they called again, and what they heard from the phone-line was Changmin’s heavy breath because he was running to pick up the phone from Kyuhyun in the studio. Seeing this, everyone in the studio was touched. Changmin and Kyuhyun’s loyal friendship was showed off through the program and made the other Super Junior members and also the guests very envious.

Meanwhile, the whole story of Changmin’s ‘loyalty’ will be revealed on Super Junior’s Foresight in talking about ‘The loyalty of men’ March 2nd 11PM on MBC Every1.
*some parts (unrelated with Kyuhyun) are omitted

source: nate via hyunlove.com
Translation by: vivianshi330@KyuhyunBiased (chokyuhyunism.co.nr)

Translator’s Note: OP emphasizes that if you are taking this article out, DO NOT ADD MY SJ-World.net username nor your blog/tumblr name at all. The translator stated ‘No additional credits’. Please respect their wishes.


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