[Video] 110301 Strong Heart – Henry Cut (Eng Transcript)

2 Mar

Legend[] captions, () notes, tn. translator’s note
LSG (Lee Seunggi), KHD (Kang Hodong)

KHD: Next, from Canada, it’s Super Junior’s secret weapon!

[Super Junior M charming secret weapon!]

KHD: I present to you, Super Junior M’s Henry!

[Suju like men]

[Shocking title! ㅡ Suju like men!]

LSG: Oh the topic is.. suju like men!


Henry: Ah, men.. in Korea, men are like this to each other, they hold hands, ‘Oh omo you did well’..

[Korean men lightly touch each other or put their arms around each other’s shoulders!]

Henry: Well.. like this, this kind of things is thought of as ordinary.

[It’s a manifestation of closeness in Korea!]

Henry: But overseas if you hug like this between men, or what else.. if you hold their hand walking like this, it’s TOTALLY just.. they think of it as weird!

[100% foreigner, it was shocking to Henry!]

LSG: Oh, so they think they like men?

[Overseas, it may lead to the misconception of being gay!]

Henry: Yes. So..

[About his first meeting with the suju hyungs?]

Henry: When I first came to Korea, when I met the hyungs, in the waiting room they would carelessly hit my butt harshly! And they’d be like “WOW HENLI! Blahblahblah~”!

[Welcoming Henry the foreigner starting from a butt-greeting!]

Henry: Or also hold— sit—– they would HUG me like this. (tn. he started off using the correct word, then he changed his sentence and made a mess, and then he finally used the English word “hug”, which is also used in Korean)

[Hyungs welcoming him with hugs too]

Henry: So back then I was like “WOW! Just.. woh!”, I thought they were all gay!


[I thought everybody in Super Junior was gay!]

[Henry who got a big shock on his first meeting!]

KHD: Who would hit your butt?

[Who on earth hit his butt?]

Henry: Teukie hyung REALLY hit it A LOT!

[The core of all misunderstandings Leader Leeteuk!]

Henry: Well, this butt-slapping thing was okay to some extent but suddenly, going to the waiting room..

[He got accustomed to the butt-greeting shortly after, but?]

[More surprising incidents?]

Henry: I looked nearby and there was Kim Heechul.. (tn. he forgets to add the “hyung” honorific, which is kinda disrespectful lol ♥ so everybody laughs at him because of that)

[First meeting with Space Superstar Kim Heechul!]

Henry: At that time..

[Handsome Heechul with long hair!]

Henry: His hair was long and I was like “Wow, that’s totally.. I thought he could possibly be a trans. Trans!”

LSG: Transgender?

[Agh, seeing Kim Heechul as a transgender!]

Henry: I meant transgender! So back then it was really hard on me..

[A big misunderstanding due to Heechul’s pretty looks!]

LSG: Ooh because you thought he looked pretty with that long hair!

Henry: Yes, yes.

KHD: What was your misconception of Shindong?

[Seeing Shindong, what kind of misunderstanding was there?]

Henry: Oh just.. he was the nicest.

[Completely fearless]

[That he was the nicest!]

(tn. I am pretty sure he didn’t hear or understand the word 오해, which means “misconception/misunderstanding” and Kang Hodong said it really quickly; he probably REALLY meant to say that Shindong was the nicest.. the tone of his voice sounded really earnest. Just my thought though ^^ ..maybe he is really a little viper like Kyuhyun~)

[There’s no way of misunderstanding Kim Heechul and his complete opposite!]

Eunhyuk: Really, the culture is rather different, I had the same experience as Henry, really..

[Eunhyuk too, a culture shock seeing Henry?]

Eunhyuk: As soon as he first met Lee Sooman sunsaengnim, he used the wrong words with him.

[Wrong words incident on his first meeting with Lee Sooman President of the Agency?]

[What did he say?]

Eunhyuk: And it’s still difficult for me, REALLY!

[But it’s still difficult for the sunbae who debuted 7 years ago!]

Shindong: Me too, when I see him– oh, sunsaengnim came out, “Hello!”


Eunhyuk: Really, doing a 90 degree bow.

Shindong: But when Henry ssi first met him, what did you do?

[Henry’s first meeting with CEO Lee Sooman?]

Henry: I didn’t know who he was, so I just.. was like “Hey who’s that person?”, “Oh SM’s boss!”

[SM’s Boss?]

Henry: “Aah I see”, “Oh, Mr. Lee?”

[Informal(?) HELLO~ Mister Lee (Lee ssi…)]

Eunhyuk: He really did that!

[Agh!] [Lee ssi, hello?]

(tn. I’m sure you all know by now that Henry was supposed to bow to Lee Sooman and say 안녕하세요Hello ㅡ he was not supposed to say “Mister Lee” because that’s not formal enough; they all call him “sunsaengnim”, which means “teacher” and it has the suffix -nim, which is a honorific. Also, he pronounces the “L” in “Lee”, which is actually supposed to be “silent” like in 이특 Leeteuk / Eeteuk)

Henry: The conversation was like “Nice to meet you! (tn. in English) Ah, uh, b-b-business card— if you have a business card, if you give it to me, I will contact you.” That’s what I did!

[All the surrounding members are flustered!]

KHD: And now? What do you call him now?

Henry: Now, I’m still all~ “Oh, Mr. Lee!”

[Still in English, Mister Lee~]

Henry: Because I had been doing that since the first time! So uh, Mr. Kang~! (tn. to Kang Hodong)

[Mister Kang (Kang ssi!)]


[Henry Come on! Enraged Kang ssi!]

[Hey Henry, you must never go there~!]

[Culture shock, I knew he was kidding~]

KHD: Because he doesn’t know, yes!

LSG: Yes, because he doesn’t know!


LSG: But what did Lee Sooman sunsaengnim say when you called him Mr. Lee?

[Mister Lee… CEO Lee Sooman’s reaction?]

Eunhyuk: Really awkwardly “Fine, because after all we’re all friends~~~” (tn. perfectly imitating Lee Sooman’s voice)

[Mister Lee: Fine, because after all we’re all friends~]

[Super Junior M Henry, a great deal of trouble to become a Korean man!]

[Wheel of Fortune VS Suju like men]


[Surprised again by his first taste of punishment on Korean Entertainment!]


☆★ Translated by. GAIA @pastakyu ㅡ SJ-WORLD.NET

cr: sapphirepearls.com



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