ShinDong opens Shingdong’s DraQra PC Castle “I am too a proud business man.”

2 Mar

Hallyu idol Super Junior’s member ShinDong transformed into a business man.

On March 2, ShinDong tweeted “Shindong’s DraQra PC Castle!! Myun Mok chain is open! It’s opening on March 2, along with ‘back to school day’.” with a promotional picture.

In the picture, ShinDong is wearing a Dracula costume and holding a sign that says “Still PC Room? Now Castl!” with a welcoming bright smile.

ShinDong followed his tweet by tweeting “PS. Come and check out who might be at the counter” and even specifically wrote the directions. Through this he influenced curiousity as to who might be at the counter.

From this the netizens replied and enhanced the anticipation : “ShinDong is opening a business too? How many celebrities have two jobs~”, “I’m really curious who might be at the counter ㅋㅋ I will go!!”, “This business seems to suit ShinDong very well. I hope it will DaeBak!!”

More photos below.


Source: Newsen
Photos: DraQraPC Official Twitter
Tranlated by Jee (




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