110223 SJ-M Exclusive with Sina to Chat about New Album, Very Happy to Collaborate with Jay Chou

26 Feb


SJ-M chats to Sina

Picture of SJ-M together with Little Sina

Members interacting with each other

Popular Korean group Super Junior’s sub-group Super Junior-M (abbreviated SJ-M) will be releasing their latest mini album in the next few days and also adding two new members.  On the night of 22 February, SJ-M came to Beijing as guests for “Meng Niu Yoghurt Music Chart” and also spoke exclusively with Sina, they revealed the style of their new songs would be even more handsome compared to their previous works and their dancing would also have a new concept.  Recorded on the album is a song created by Jay Chou and Fang Wenshan, in relation to this the members said in succession that they are quite happy, furthermore they look forward to collaborating with Leehom Wang and Andy Lau.

Chat to Sina about SJ-M’s New Album, New Songs are Even Better than Previous Works

Due to the recording time of the previously organized programme being extended, it was already nearly 11 o’clock by the time the chat started, according to Chinese member Zhou Mi’s introduction, SJ-M had come off the plane that day and rushed to four scheduled activities, after finishing they still needed to go to rehearsals for CCTV’s programme.  Even though the eight members still tried their hardest to maintain their professionalism and cooperation, but on their faces they were unable to hide their exhaustion, Donghae had already started to rock and sway, only Siwon who pays the most attention to his image maintained a gracious smile, even Eunhyuk beside him mischievously imitated his never changing ‘handsome’ sitting pose.

But when it came to their soon to be released mini album “Tai Wan Mei” (Perfection), the members became spirited all of a sudden.  Zhou Mi revealed that the new album had all new elements added, the electric guitar rhythm was even stronger and even more exciting to the senses, the feel of the group dance was also more intense, “if it was said that the style of the previous albums were lively and sunshine, then this album is a little more cooler.”  Siwon even turned around to interview Sina: “what do you think of the dancing for our new song?”  When speaking of the fur, checks and suits as the main elements for their new noble image, Zhou Mi laughingly said that the fur hats made people think of “Xue Shan Fei Hu” [ translator’s note 1: this is the fifth wuxia novel written by Louis Cha (or Jin Yong) and is also known as the “Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain” or “Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountain”, which has been adapted into a number of dramas and movies; translator’s note 2: wuxia = a genre of Chinese fiction revolving around the adventures of people with martial arts ], when he used Chinese to say the four words “xue shan fei hu”, the Korean members Siwon etc immediately burst into fits of laughter without prompting, the other members were also immediately affected and started laughing, it was evident that they were quite familiar with this classic wuxia movie.

Very Happy Receiving the Gift of Jay Chou’s Song,  Hope to Collaborate with Leehom Wang and Andy Lau

The other highlight of the new album is “Xing Fu Wei Tian” (Love is Sweet) created by Jay Chou and Fan Wenshan, this is also the first time Jay Chou has written a song for a Korean artist or group, while before this when Jay Chou had gone to Korea to conduct promotions for his movie “Secret”, he had also come in contact with SJ.  Zhou Mi revealed that this time it was their company that took the initiative to request a song from Jay Chou, main singer Kyuhyun also expressed that he was extremely happy to be able to collaborate with Jay Chou, when speaking of Jay Chou he said: “actually when seeing Jay Chou in the beginning, I did not have a very big reaction, but after watching “Secret”, I am deeply attracted by his charm in the movie, I have watched it more then ten times.  After when I met him in Korea, I felt that he is especially friendly and I like him a lot.”  When speaking to this excited point, a few of the members also started singing Jay Chou’s “Silence” all at once.

Besides Jay Chou, there are also other Chinese artists that the members want to collaborate with, Henry has always idolized Leehom Wang who is also good at the violin like him, while Choi Siwon has always ‘adored’ Andy Lau who he collaborated previously with on the movie “Battle of Wits”, he also did an impromptu imitation of Andy singing: “ai ni yi wan nian…” (love you for 10,000 years) and his pronunciation and voice were both a perfect imitation and extremely amusing.

Eunhyuk’s Chinese is Not Good so Causes Jokes,  Kyuhyun Laughingly says Sungmin is like Liu Bei

[ translator’s note: Liu Bei = a warlord at the end of the Han dynasty and founded the Shu Han dynasty, he is also portrayed in the “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” novels ]

This time SJ-M’s two newly added members are SJ members Eunhyuk and Sungmin, Eunhyuk who is good at dancing has brought a different feeling to the album, while Sungmin has been called the Korean version of “Liu Bei” by the quick thinking Kyuhyun: “he is extremely good-natured, kind but also having wisdom.”  In relation to joining SJ-M the two members are also full of expectation, Sungmin says with a laugh: “in the past the SJ-M members would return to Korea and always show off and say China is like this and this, the fans are this good and this good, the things are this tasty and this tasty.  At the time I was particularly envious, so it is very fortunate that I am able to participate in this group.”  While Eunhyuk expressed that: “there are new challenges and opportunities, I hope that with the addition of Sungmin and I it will bring even better growth for the group.  Once I think of being able to have even more interaction with the fans in the future, I am very moved.”

But, the other old members have already come to China on a number of occasions, they have Chinese language abilities at any rate, for the newly joined members their listening and speaking abilities are more strained in contrast, when Eunhyuk heard the translator say “xin dong” [ translator’s note: xin dong = literally translates to ‘heart moves’ or ‘heart beat’ ], he immediately had a puzzled look on his face and made the “xin tong” movement [ translator’s note: xin tong = heartache ], which caused the whole room to burst into laughter.

[ translator’s note: this last part does not seem entirely correct, from watching the video I think when Eunhyuk hears “xin dong” he thinks “Shindong” so he says he is “Eunhyuk”, then he makes a heart beat movement and not a heartache movement ]

Source: ent.sina.com.cn

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  1. Ira February 26, 2011 at 9:34 pm #

    Fine ideas! I have been looking for things like that for a while finally. Regards!

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