SM Town takes a group photo at a manager’s wedding

15 Feb

A recent group photo of SM Town members at a wedding for a SM manager has been snaring the attention of both fans and netizens alike.

On February 13th, numerous idols like TVXQSuper JuniorSuper Junior-M, SNSDSHINee, f(x),TRAXCSJH The Grace’s SundayIsak, and Lee Soo Man gathered to attend a SM manager’swedding. Although it was a huge photo, the individuals weren’t lost in the crowd thanks to their unique personalities.

While many of the SNSD girls were found smiling sweetly or with victory poses, the wilder boys ofSuper Junior were either making funny faces or doing their signature introduction pose. On the other hand, SHINee’s Minho and Taemin were seen with their fists in the air, while their seniors Yunho andChangmin looked calm and cool.

Fans commented, “I love my SM Family” “It seems like a very joyful wedding” and “Great to see everyone together.

Tip: SJdaebak



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