SJ-M Perfection

14 Feb


Hit Song Perfection is composed by Remee and Troelsen, the composers of BoA’s hit song Eat You Up. It is a stylish dance song that has a crunch style played with a guitar with groove melody and music together with (percussions?), the perfect magnificent lyrics gives people a deep impression. Especially when it’s written by hitchhiker who gives the music an alternative rock and electronic feeling, and this, together with SJM’s perfect voices, enhanced the charm of this song. Source: HIT FM ROUGH Translation by: @weiduo18 from @iDonghaeELF PLEASE TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS As there are a lot of technical terms, i do not guarantee that my translation is 100% accurate. [ORIGINAL TEXT] 主打歌《太完美Perfection》是創作BoA的暢銷歌曲《Eat You Up》的作曲家Remee和Troelsen的作品,是CRUNCH風格的吉他彈奏的Groove旋律和音樂合成器聲響調和而成的時尚舞曲,讚賞著完美絢麗的歌詞內容令人印象深刻。尤其又是由知名編曲家hitchhiker擔任編曲工作所誕生的alternative rock和electronic的聲響和SUPER JUNIOR-M絕妙的強悍歌聲,更加提昇了整首歌曲的魅力。 (via: @iDonghaeELF)


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