Super Junior Heechul & FT Island Hongki, night date in Japan “Confirmation of pretty boys taking over Shibuya !

9 Feb


The scene of Super Junior’s Kim Heechul and FT Island’s Lee Hongki’s date at night has been captured.
On the afternoon 25th (of January), Kim Heechul left a brief message that read ‘Hee & Hongstar in SIBUYA’ on his personal Twitter account, and revealed a photo that was taken together with Lee Hongki.
In the photo, Kim Heechul was seen staring at the camera with an intense gaze as though he was glaring (at the camera) while striking a V-pose. Lee Hongki, who was standing behind Kim Heechul, was the opposite of him, and was flashing an innocent smile while striking the same pose (as Heechul).
Netizens who have seen the photo of them both responded hotly with comments such as “The both of you fit each other really well”, “Confirmation shot of the pretty boys taking over Shibuya, Japan”, “The both of you look good together”, “Leaving Seoul and sneakily having a night date in Japan?”, among others.
On another hand, Kim Heechul has attracted attention in a recent interview with a men’s magazine for talking about the uncomfortable controversy between agencies and idol groups due to the “slave contracts”.
Source: NTN
Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET

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