Heechul Talks about his Accident

1 Feb
Heechul Talks about his Accident

We just reported about the accident Super Junior members Heechul and Leeteuk suffered in Singapore, now Heechul talks about this incident.

The accident that involved 7 cars wasn’t as bad as people thought. SM actually released an official statement clarifying that the 2 super junior members were fine and that as soon as they arrive to Korea they will go to the hospital for an examination.

After their arrival to Singapore for their concert the boys headed to the hotel, however they were followed by some fans and at the end a car hit the van the boys were riding. Afterward, 5 more cars joined the collision since they were following the van closely.

Heechul had phone interview with Sportsworld and talked about the accident. He said that he wasn’t feeling that well because his back was hurting. He added that the experience was horrible since it reminded him the past car accident he had with Leeteuk. During that time on 2007 the members of Super Junior were returning to Seoul after visiting the funeral of Donghae’s father. Kyuhyun ended in a critical condition and Heechul was hospitalized for 12 weeks while recovering from his fractures.

He later continued the interview saying that since the past accident he can’t sleep on the car or bend his legs. He also said that he wasn’t going to complaint about wanting a private life, but that he also doesn’t want to risk his life to receive love.

credit: gokpop



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