How are Heechul and Bada similar?

27 Jan

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul recently revealed on MBC’s Radio Star that since his training days before debuting, he often heard that he was similar to singer Bada.

On January 26th, while Heechul talked with guest Shoo regarding her past days, he expressed,“People said that because of our shared blood type AB that I am exactly like Bada in many aspects.”When Kim Gura commented that Bada’s personality is strong, Shoo replied, “This is because Bada unni likes this kind of work and is the leader.” After Shoo’s attempt to protect Bada’s image, Heechulquestioned, “I heard that Bada is a perfectionist,” to which Shoo cringed and answered, “She wants to be a perfectionist, but when she is obsessed with a certain ‘feel’ we have to hide that.”

Shoo then continued, “Bada unni would always dance and sing in front of the bathroom at the television broadcast building. When the clothes stylists asked where Bada is, we would find her covered in sweat absorbed in the music.” Furthermore, Kim Heechul also added, “I heard that Shoo is the kindest. People say to me that my personality is similar to Bada’s.” Shoo agreed to Heechul’s statement, saying, “I heard that too. Were you type AB blood too? Your members must have a hard time,” causing Heechul to be flustered.

Source: Newsen




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