Are Heechul and SNSD’s YoonA “hoodlums”?

27 Jan

The charming Super Junior’s Heechul and SNSD’s ‘Queen Eater‘ YoonA got together for a selca backstage at the ‘SM TOWN Live Japan‘ concert.

Initially, Heechul posted an older photo of the pair, asking,

A little while ago, I took a picture with Yoong but… The picture’s feeling kind of ruins [our image], should I upload it or not

Not too long after, Heechul revealed the silly photo, saying,

Uploading~ hoodlum concept gangster Hee & gangster Lim… Should I upload a video of us playing like pre-schoolers keke the universe’s big star Hee, no-makeup goddess Yoong

Fans commented, “YoonA’s expression is so evil… You two look like bad brother and bad sister…“, “Heechul & YoonA xD“, and “Oppa you better when you smile 🙂 So please smile 😀“.

Source: Heechul’s Twitter (@Heedictator)



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