Siwon introduces his new family member

25 Jan

Singer/actor Choi Siwon introduced his new family member to his fans.

On January 25th, the Super Junior star revealed a picture of an adorable puppy, and wrote:

New family Beckham! Although this was my first time meeting you because uncle was busy, grow healthily! Love you so much!

Fans can see this ‘uncle’ beaming happily as he throws up a thumbs-up sign for his new family member. This tiny dog, named Beckham, actually belongs to former Fly to the Sky member, Brian Joo. Siwon and Brian are known to be pretty close, and even refer to each other as brothers (therefore making Siwon Beckham’s uncle).

Fans spazzed over the adorable photo, as they wrote, “Totally cute! I want to raise a dog like this ㅜㅜ Is it a Maltese?” “So pretty~ it looks like a doll!” and “Doesn’t match with your appearance, this dog is so small and cute.. keke

Choi Siwon has been busy playing the role of ‘Kim Junho’ in the SBS drama, “Athena.”

Oh my god the dog is so cute >_<

Source: Newsen via Nate & Brian Joo’s Twitter (@Brianjoomuzik)




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