Super Junior Kim Hee Chul, Twitter Founder Remembers Him

21 Jan

Twitter founder recognized Kim Hee Chul as one of the most active twitter user in Korea.

On the 19th, Evan Williams, Twitter co-founder mentioned Super Junior Kim Hee Chul at a press conference when he visited Korea. ”Twitter has been used by politicians and celebrities in various fields from South Korea as a tool to communicate. Example of this is ‘Kim Hee Chul Day’ which became one of the hottest issue”. According to his explanation, Kim Hee Chul fans declared  October 10 as “Kim Hee Chul Day” and this event has quickly spread throughout Twitter and became twitter’s No.1 popular search & trend.

Kim Hee Chul has more than 300,000 followers. Last year’s “Twitter Trend Analysis” shows that he is placed on No.9 and the only Korean in this analysis, which included Pop Star Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Mel Gibson, Lil’Kim and other worldwide celebrities.

Source Sports World
Translated by MYSJ translator team @


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