Super Junior’s Heechul and Top Model Jang Yoonju Are Narcissistic Celebrities?

21 Jan

Broadcast on January 10, MBC‘s Happy Day revealed a list of celebrities suspected of narcissism.

Representing the artist with the “celebrity disease”, included Super Junior member Kim Heechul. *Kim Heechul claimed himself as World’s Super Star, and even went as far as to use the claim as his nickname on twitter.* He utilizes his appearance as his dominance, and never acted humbly, and highlights himself to full advantages; however, that is all part of his charm and charisma.

Next mentioned is one of Korea’s top model Jang Yoonju. Having collaborated with her on MBC‘s Come to Play last year on November 8th, Leeteuk revealed her true nature. He stated, “She thinks every man is in love with her. Whoever she catches looking at her, she will question them, “Oppa, do you like me?” This comment marveled the guests.

*: His new nickname is “Universe Big Star” (or Space Big Star) & he started to call himself like that after his International Fanclub named a star in the sky as “Heenim” for his birthday (sending the presents to him, plus he talked about it, being so proud of it).
Netizens sometimes can be so wrong… Plus his nickname at twitter is Heedictator & Artyman (RTman).
His location at twitter is “Universe Big Star”, but not his nick.
Netizens should search better for their articles…

Source: KBS World
Translated by: holyshnapple @
Edited & more info by:


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