Chinese Government Bans Sales of Super Junior Songs

16 Jan
Chinese Government Bans Sales of Super Junior Songs
China’s Ministry of Culture have banned online distribution of the songs ‘Bonamana’, ‘No Other’, ‘All My Heart’, and ‘Short Journey’ by Super Junior, saying that they have not been “filed and reviewed” by the government to authorize them for distribution.

The official website of China’s Ministry of Culture recently posted a list of “unauthorized songs” that have been deemed illegal to buy, distribute, or download.

Baidu, China’s largest search engine, which also offers an online music store has already removed all of the banned songs, including Super Junior’s.
All websites and blogs must remove the music from their sites by February 28, 2011, or else legal action will be taken.
Other artists affected by this ban are Kpop artist Chaeyeon, with six of her songs being banned, as well as American Christina Aguilera, Taiwanese Jay Chou and Leehom Wang, and Japanese Koda Kumi.
Hopefully SM will resolve the legal issue soon so that Super Junior can continue to sell music in China.



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