Rumor of Dara and Donghae on WGM Clarified

2 Jan

Over the past few days, rumors of our very own Sandara Park being on MBC’s popular show We Got Married with Super Junior’s Lee Donghae have been circulating throughout the web, setting fire to many fans’ hearts, in both good and bad ways.

If you’ve never heard of We Got Married, the basic idea of the show is that two celebrities are put together and have to live as (fake) husband and wife. They have a house of their own and go through weekly tasks that bring them close together, all while being watched by other couples on the show that have fun commenting behind the scenes.

Now, thanks to the help of YGL member jaeyoung, an MBC representative cleared up the rumor over Twitter with one simple word: “No.”

Jaeyoung, “New couples for WGM?…2011::3723.html Are these real?”

MBC rep, “No”

 Source: + Jaeyoung for the tip! Article by paper chasin’ @ Thanks to ygladies for clarifying this!

credit: dkpopnews


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