Message From Kyuhyun to Hangeng (after he left)

28 Dec

Kyuhyun writes a letter to Hankyung after Hankyung had been apart from him


my only one Chinese Hankyung hyung… Hankyung hyung, this is your GameKyu, your DraKyu, your KyuMong, and your 小13 (Little 13) and recently adding two more nicks, so now you can also call me as SlideKyu or DanceKyu.How are you hyung? Do you eat well? You seem much thinner now compare to the last time I saw you. Obviously you had been with us for more than 5 years already and nearly 10 years with another 11 hyungs since the training time, so I guess you must be used to with our Korean food and in a sudden you moved back to China, and yes everything is different from here even just a little or else.Hyung, have you seen our Bonamana yet? It’s very successful now, we have owned 2 1st place prizes so far from Music Bank, we will have a big success like what we’ve done before with “U”, “Don’t Don” and “Sorry Sorry” too right?

For me, those hit songs of us have different meaning. First,“U”, the most important and meaningful to me, this is the debuted song for me as a member of an amazing Korean idol boy band Super Junior.

When we were about to perform the ComeBack stage of “U” everybody

especially Teukie hyung told me not to worry, not to be very nervous

since I’ve been given a God Voice but I was still that way yet then only one sentence could make me relief, it wasn’t from anyone but you, Hankyung hyung. I still remember until now and will never forget it even it’s been almost 4 years long already; do you remember what you had said to me that time hyung? Every time we had to perform on stage, “Don’t worry too much Kyu, don’t be nervous Kyu, I’m sure you can do it without

any worries. I totally understand how you feel right now just like the first time I was here with the other 11 of us, and yes, in this kind of condition, you’re even better than me since you’re Korean like them, unlike me so be confident, Cho Kyuhyun fighting!” this long sentence keeps popping out on my mind, keeps making me more confident, keeps giving me more power, really, I really thank you hyung.

Then, 2Jib (2nd Album), we were successful again for our “Don’t Don” honestly I don’t want to talk about this, I’m hurt every time thinking about

that situation, I really hate that time yet I also love that time the most in the same time. I do remember it’s the hardest time ever in the whole life time of mine. I almost gave up everything, almost put everything down and went away but everything went contrast because of my 12 hyungs include you, you guys cheered me up, gave me another hope, chance to continue fighting and finally, I did, not only me but us. We did it with “Super Junior, Don’t Don – Come Back” and yes, we were all white blond along with Sungmin hyung too.

I, Kyuhyun thank so much to the 12 of you, decided not leave me, decided to wait me no matter how long it took and I’m really proud of myself that I could make Super Junior stage which is a stage of 13 boys even I appeared only less than 1 minute long but this is how we call a “Super Junior Stage”Later on, our 3Jib (3rd album) “Sorry Sorry” we made many hits, broke many records and owned many prizes. I admitted that I was somehow a little bit disappointed because there was only 12 just because of Kibum hyung wants to focus on his acting career, we can’t stop him or what but supporting him instead. You know,it’s not comfortable to see only 12 heads, 12 mics, 12 pairs of shoes, 12 sets of performance clothes and I felt like I was forgotten since my number is 13, every time preparing to go for a stage performance,Teukie hyung always count to make sure no one missing or else, he started yelling out “1” and pointing to himself then Heechul hyung with yelling “2” and so on until pointing at me but yelling as “12” not “13”.

But there was someone who helped me by a sentence: “Kyu, no matter what, no matter when, no matter where, Super Junior is always 13” and yes, just because of this sentence, I imagined that Kibum hyung is always there, on the stage, sing and dance with us. Do not wonder who said this; again he’s the one I’m missing much, called Hankyung. Moreover, Hankyung, Siwon, Donghae, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun were placed into another sub-group along with ZhouMi and Henry called as Super Junior under the leading of Hankyung.

Just like Super Junior, Leader Teukie hyung always shout: “we are Super

Junior, 우리는 슈퍼주니어-예요 ~~(u-ri-neun Syupeo Juni-OR~~)” and for Super Junior M, it is the same, you, the leader always introduce us as:

“大 家好,我们是 Super Junior – M~~ (Hello everybody, we are Super Junior – M~~)” I miss this shout very much.Anyway, do you know you’re one of the group’s lead dancers? Do you know what happen when you’re gone? I was replaced at your position in the dance break, this is very difficult for me, I always hurt myself every time practicing. It’s very unfamiliar when no seeing in the dance break section. I miss your dance move, I miss you MJ tribute and I extremely miss your unclear pronunciation when speaking Korean.

I can’t write anymore, my hand is trembling now, my letters are uglier and

uglier, hope you can understand and don’t wonder why this letter seem

to have spots of water, they are my tears, I cried along while writing

this, every moments of us are popped out in front of me like the reality. Okay, should be ended by this now, I have one more sentence to say before saying good bye to you. Hankyung hyung, do think and remember that, we are brothers from Leeteuk to Kyuhyun since the time we’re called as a member of Super Junior, just one word Super Junior will be enough for us to introduce ourselves,you’re forever a part of Super Junior and will never be forgotten from Super Junior no matter how you decided to do, no matter what you’re going to do, we’ll support you with the love of our 12 hearts.

I feel you’re always beside me even we’re apart, just because of “SUPER JUNIOR is ONE”Good luck and do take care of yourself!

Your lovely Evil Magnae Kyu!


Reading this letter make me sad and teary. i don’t expect kyu can write a letter like this ;_; i miss Hangeng, i miss 13 of them perform together….

source: boomnamana

credit: chloekyfoo


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