[Video] SHINee’s Japan concert a success and announces debut in Japan

27 Dec

Boy group SHINee held their first overseas concerts on December 26th in Japan. The concert took place at Tokyo’s National Yoyogi Stadium, and was also their first official solo concert. With 12,000 seats available at each of the two concerts, SHINee performed in front of a total of 24,000 people. Both concerts were 2.5 hours or 30 songs long.

The concert began with a video.

Then SHINee performed “SHINee World,” which is a song where Minho introduces the members through rap.

“Dibidibidis, my name is Minho.”

SHINee then danced and sang “Senorita,” which showed SHINee’s mature side. Jonghyun’s substitute appeared at this time due to Jonghyun’s inability to fully perform.

The audience of shawols, as well as the five members, became extremely excited when SHINee performed “Get Down.”

Jonghyun then flew down from the sky by wire for SHINee’s performance of “A.Mi.Go.”


In “Juliette,” fans showed their enthusiasm for the song by also dancing along.
For SHINee’s latest song, “Hello,” they showed a video of SHINee before the members appeared on stage and danced.
The next song, “Your Name,” was performed on an uplifted stage moving up and down. The video background setting showed SHINee within photo frames, which changed into wings.
In “Stand By Me” and “Love Still Goes On,” the members stepped down the stairs from the uplifted stage to perform. They sang “Stand By Me” in Japanese.
A short video clip was shown, hinting at Jonghyun’s solo stage. He then came on to perform “Ma Girl” by Wheesung while DJ-ing. In the middle of the song, a Japanese girl performer joined him and later walked out with Jonghyun at the end of the performance.
The next solo was performed by Minho, who sang Usher’s song, “OMG.” Wearing a white blazer, he opened it up to reveal his shirtless body underneath, causing great excitement amongst fans.
During Taemin’s solo, he sang SHINee’s “Romeo and Juliette” while wearing something like the light turquoise shirt Minho wore during their Juliette promotions. He then entranced the crowd with his famous dancing.
Key performed Ke$ha’s “My First Kiss” with Krystal from f(x). While he was singing, the background showed pop art themed images of himself throughout SHINee’s promotions.
During the song A-yo, the audience was excited as the members came out to dance and sing.
With all five members back on stage, SHINee then talked to the audience. Japanese fans have noted that SHINee has greatly improved their Japanese.
For their song “Romantic,” SHINee sang while sitting on the stairs in white.
For their next song, they performed, “Obsession,” which was sung on a moving stage.
For “Graze,” five chairs were placed on a turning stage, with Jonghyun sitting at the center.
Afterwards, Onew performed his solo, “Nessun Dorma,” which is a famous Italian opera song. When he finished, fans were so touched that everyone shouted, “Awesome!”
SHINee then performed a Korean folk song. A child came out on stage rolling a hoop. Taemin started the song while wearing an angel costume. The others follow him while singing sadly. Finally, Onew appeared in wings, and ended the song by covering the child with his wings.
SHINee changed into bright, colorful clothing to perform their debut song, “Replay.” Next, they sang their famous “Love Like Oxygen.”
They performed their more recent song, “Up and Down” while still maintaining a very dynamic stage presence.
The stage became more serious as they sang, “Quasimodo.”
Then SHINee sang another soft song, “Life”
SHINee showed a music video with dark and angelic versions of themselves before they performed their hit song, “Ring Ding Dong. Fans were so excited that the entire stadium was filled with fanchants.
SHINee then performed “Ready or Not,” which started off with Minho rapping charismatically.
“Lucifer” was extremely energetic and dynamic as laser beams lighted the stage.
SHINee also sang “Jojo.” The members ran down to the protruding stage, where they turned in a circle while posing.
During SHINee’s talk time, they thanked staff and fans. The Chinese trainee substitute also came out. In the end, Jonghyun was the first to begin crying. This caused Key, and then Taemin and Minho, to start crying also. In the end, SHINee’s leader Onew joined his members and also shed tears. As thanks to their fans, the five members of SHINee bowed in all directions.
SHINee’s encore song was “Bodyguard,” which caused fans to start jumping enthusiastically. SHINee also threw balls to fans while drenching each other in water.
SHINee will be holding their first official concert in Korea at the Seoul Olympic Stadium on January 1st and 2nd. It was also revealed that SHINee will be having their Japanese debut in March under EMI Music Japan.
What do you think of SHINee’s concert in Japan? Which performance was your favorite?
I envy admin 4 so much, she’ll watch the concert in Seoul. Aishh, she better come back with lots of picture -___-
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credit: koreboo

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