101222 Leeteuk revealed, “Eunhyuk’s first kiss happened in elementary school!”

23 Dec

Super Junior member Leeteuk revealed that Eunhyuk’s first kiss happened when he was in elementary school.

Super Junior’s own talk show “Super Junior Foresight” that was broadcasted on the 22nd had invited “Emperor of Live”, Lee Seunghwan, and played his famous songs.

Leeteuk, who was the one announcing Lee Seunghwan’s famous songs, said that he’s emotional towards “Only”, which sparked attention. Leeteuk states that “I was in third year middle school, and whenever I thought of my first love I would listen to Lee Seunghwan’s songs. I knew about the meaning of true love because of the girl back then.”

To this, Eunhyuk retorted, “Isn’t your first love too early?”. Leeteuk then revealed, “Didn’t your first kiss happened in elementary school?” which caused laughter in the studio.

Leeteuk’s sad first love will be broadcasted on December 22nd (Wednesday) 5PM on MBC Everyone “Super Junior Foresight”

Source from SJ Baidu

Translation by (L) @ SJ-WORLD.NET

credit: sapphirepearls.com


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