Kyuhyun, turned out to be the big senior who had first debuted 17 years ago?

21 Dec

[Reporter Woo Geunhyang] Super Junior’s maknae Kyuhyun made asurprise confession that he had debuted 17 years ago.

On the broadcast of “Super Junior’ Foresight” on the 22th, Kyuhyun made a surprise confession, “Since I was a child I had showed an extraordinary skill of singing and by my parent’s recommendation, I participated in a christmas carol’s recording”


With this, everyone were surprised and said “You were 6 years old” . This makes Kyuhyun become the sunbae* who had first debuted 17 years ago among all Super Junior’s members.


On this day, Kyuhyun unveiled the album picture and the recording (of the Christmas Carol) for the first time ever on the broadcast. Kyuhyun’s fresh voice which is completely different from his gentle voice made the members couldn’t keep themselves from laughing.


To hide his embarrassed feeling, Kyuhyun said right away, “Actually my parents bought 100 copies of the album and gave them out to the acquaintances around us”


The confession will be unveiled on Wednesday, December 22 at 5PM through the broadcast of Super Junior’s Foresight.


* senior


source : BNTNEWS

translated by ♥~pinkninja



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