OK! Magazine, Thailand Issue 134

14 Dec

TRANS : Super Junior interview OK Magazine [Thailand]

Music Pieces of Super Junior’s Memory

It is surly not exaggerate if we are telling you that the most popular and famous BoyBand from South Korea in Asia is “Super Junior”, and all 13members’ fans just celebrate their 5th anniversary on the previous 6th November 2010,
by writing congratulations messages through various medias throughout the world including Thailand, Super Junior’s fans has also published such message in the local newspaper too.

Since now, Super Junior, a group of 13 members has released the total of 4 albums with over 60 songs. Many of their hit songs are played everywhere and most people can even dance to their songs, and recently at the grand opening of the new radio station, PD Radio 90 FM and PYNK 98 FM, held on the 5th November 2010, with OK Magazine, they have got a special interview. Let’s see if their selected favorite songs are the same as yours or not.. Let’s go!

Heechul : I like the song “Believe” because I am the one who wrote the lyrics.

Siwon : The most meaningful song for me? I’ve got so many.. but the song that lasts longest in my memory is “Song For You”. It’s our first gospel song in our album.

Sungmin : the most meaningful song for me is “TWINS” because it is Super Junior’s debut song and that brings me to meet and getting know my fans.

Yesung : The most meaningful song for me…. Umm.. (thinking) well, “Sorry Sorry”, this song was released after we have appeared (from music activity) for a year and a half, so during training and preparing for this song, I was a bit nervous, but after the song was released, everyone seemed to love this song, I feel glad and did have many good memories with this song. I also really like this song too.

EunHyuk: The most memorable song for me is the title song of our 3rd album, “Sorry Sorry”, because of this song, I had chance to meet Nick Bass (choreographer of Sorry Sorry and for the world’s pop star like Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake) and the concept of the song, choreography, hair style, dressing was the way I totally like. This song is the style I like and always willing to try once. I believe that it is a good song with great amount of memories for both me and Super Junior members.

Shindong: The song I like most and the most meaningful song for me is “Way for Love” from our first album. Although our title song was “Twins” but “Way for Love” was the first song we rehearsed dancing together, that day we’ve got only 12 members so this song contained memories of our members.

Kyuhyun : “Don’t Don” the title song of our 2nd album because it was the first song I sang since I’ve recovered after the car accident. This song made me feel like I want to sing forever, therefore, it’s my most memorable song.

Donghae: The song I love most and which is really meaningful to me is “A Short Journey” because it is the first song I composed myself and during the recording, Kangin hyung has participated, so this song is really full of memories and I wish everyone could listen to it. Thank you.

Leeteuk: If I have to choose an only song which means most to me, I’ll say “All my Heart” from the 4th album BONAMANA because I’ve composed myself and during the composing, I was thinking of our fans so I want everyone to feel good memories like me in this song.

Ryeowook: Above all Super Junior’s songs, I like “You are the one” most because it was the first song we’ve recorded together. Don’t forget to listen to this song and give Super Junior love, Thank you.

Translation can be posted everywhere but “Please take out with full credits”
Source, OK Magazine, Thailand Issue 134
Translated by: papaaang @letseunhaelover.com [@papaaang]


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