Hankyung Wishes To Try Rock Music for his Upcoming Album

10 Dec

In May this year, Hankyung who was embroiled in a contract termination controversy braved all odds and appeared as the music industry’s new energy at the starting-up press conference to show support. After submitting to the five big figures in the music industry his work that he returned to the Mainland Chinese music industry with, he received praise and commendation from these five big music industry figures, and they all expressed desire to chip in for his new album. In his first individual album, there was a song recorded that was produced by Yuan Wei Ren. As of today, Hankyung’s debut film is fervently in the process of shooting, and the director is no other than one of the five big music industry figures Gao Xiao Song. When accepting an exclusive interview from , Hankyung expresses that it is nothing short of rare to be able to attract so many music industry warriors fighting for their dreams, and he really respects and admires them. At every compilation album’s release, he himself very much looks forward to it, and after closely listening he feels that the quality and standard of these music figures who make original works are all very good, and if there is a chance he would very like to work with them in his next album.

According to reports, Hankyung’s second album is already in the process of song selection. Hankyung, who is always changing himself and trying out new things, he expressed that he was very surprised after listening to the fifth “Red Bull New Energy Music Project” album. Because usually, he likes to listen to English music (American and European), and the styles of all the 10 rock bands were pretty internationalized. What he did not think of was that teenagers who joined the “Red Bull New Energy Music Project” could compose outstanding pieces of rock music. And, during an interview, Hankyung revealed that he hopes that in his new album, he can add in the element of rock, and works with the new rock bands. He also looks forward to a chance to collaborate with new rock voices in China to release more energy and passion during performance.

(Parts of the article unrelated to Hankyung have been omitted.)

Translation: abcdehs & huiwensg @ GENG-BAO.net
Source: HunanTV.com
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