“The Three Musketeers” Kyuhyun’s Confession

3 Dec

Kyuhyun confesses: kiss scene with an actress? Fearing a big storm

In the musical ‘The Three Musketeers’, Super Junior Kyuhyun plays D’Artagnan, a young man who leaves the countryside to become a musketeer of the royal household. On November 29, at the press concert for the open rehearsal of the musical, Kyuhyun stated “I have a kiss scene in this musical”. Then, he hinted at his mental worries over it and disclosed “I’m worried enough already.” In fact, Kyuhyun will be acting out a kiss scene with singer Dana, as well as musical actress Kim Ahsun, who were both casted for the role of Constance. During the highlight of a performance which went on for 50 minutes, Kyuhyun sang while also acting out his kiss scene with Constance (Kim Ahsun) in the ‘Angel in my heart’ scene. In regard to this, Kyuhyun laughed while explaining his trick “The production fears that if I were to be featured in a kiss scene the impact may be too big. I believe that in the future the kiss is ideally going to be hidden behind a hat or in some other way.” This conscious remark drew laughter from the fans, especially when actor Yoo Joonsang and gagman Kim Jinsoo added “We’re doing this to protect the actresses!” Kyuhyun’s partner, Dana ㅡ who will be acting in a kiss scene with Kim Mooyeol, Won Kijoon, and TRAX Jay (casted as D’Artagnan) ㅡ revealed her plans “I will stay focused on being Constance when engaging in the kiss” and, apparently concerned with the fans, she said “It’s true that I’m especially worried about the scene with Kyuhyun. But I will still try my best for this kiss scene as well.” On that day, Kyuhyun brilliantly showed his acting through a variety of scenes ㅡ such as an outstanding swordmanship performance during a fencing scene ㅡ and also worked in harmony with Kim Ahsun in his love scene.

Translated by. Gaia at SJ-WORLD.NET

Original Source. Newsen, TVReport, ConsumerNews, CNBNews, Mystar, ibitimes, star.mk.

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