Donghae’s Crying Scene

2 Dec

The first acting challenge for Super Junior member Donghae is in SBS TV Drama 《It’s okay, daddy’s girl》 filming he showed superb acting, crying scene successfully stimulated the audiences’ maternal instincts.

In the released drama episode, Donghae cried heavily within his indifferent older brother’s line of vision, successfully evoking the audience’s attention for the plot development. After shooting, a staff said “Donghae’s first acting challenge, he brought out all the needed emotions for that moment, and it is quite difficult for a veteran actor to act out a crying scene well, so this is something worth looking forward to.”In the TV drama 《It’s okay, daddy’s girl》, although life is very tough for Donghae’s character Choi Wook-gi, he is a down to earth youngster with a strong sense of responsibility, for someone walking to and fro wearing laundry and doing construction work he has always been optimistic in the face of life.

In the second episode, he hugged his older brother and his crying expression stimulated the female audience maternal instinct, his acting also received praises. In tonight’s broadcasted episode of 《It’s okay, daddy’s girl》, clashed together with Choi Duk-gi (played by Shin Min Soo) is Eun Chae Ryung (played by Moon Chae Won), who carries the accusation of a murderer. Choi Wook-gi (played by Lee Donghae) who lost his brother has doubts about his brother’s death, the following episodes will be full of tension.

source: koreastardaily
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