Pervert Maknae

28 Nov

A recent photo of Taemin styling his hair had been circling around.
What an adorable photo right?
Our maknae just simply looks so cute… but if we take a closer look…
Look what he’s reading while styling his hair! It’s a perverted manga called “Ping Pong Club”.

The story is about:
A Ping pong club in a Japanese middle school with 6 members, 2 are fairly normal, but the other 4 consists an aspiring sexual deviant, two shameless perverts, and a guy with lethal Body Odour..
There is also Nudity, Frightening looking cross-dressing & plently of tasteless joke.

So what does this mean?

Our Adorable Maknae is secretly a pervert with a cheeky side too hehe.

It must have been really interesting for him to be already on volume 10.

Credit: capslock_shinee


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