Sungmin Talks About his First Acting gig in ‘President’

25 Nov

Super Junior Sungmin has expressed his thoughts about acting in the new KBS2 Wednesday Thursday drama, President.

On November 25th, Sungmin said, “I appeared in a mini drama and musicals before, but this is the first time that I will be acting in a traditional drama that President is almost like my first acting gig.  I feel like I inherited great fortune because I am able to work with serious actors in my first work.

He added, “my character is someone who is not wise about the world, but has a big desire to succeed.  I’ve thought a lot about how to act a character who’s an immature son.  It’s burdensome to be filming with great actors.  When I first acted, I was so nervous that my hands were shaking.  After the filming ended, my whole body was aching.


Lastly, Sungmin said, “even though my body is fatigued, my mind is happy.  I am looking forward to receiving assessment on actor Sungmin.  I hope everyone becomes interested in the drama.”

The character that Sungmin will play is Jang Sungmin who possesses a sense of inferiority about his strong and passionate father because he has weak personality.

Meanwhile, President will air its first episode on December 8th.

Source: Aesia

Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM



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