SME is willing to accept Hankyung back

20 Nov

Super Junior’s Chinese member Hankyung, who has virtually left the group became the center of controversy when it was known that he filmed “a crude commercial.” The attorney for the the management company SM Entertainment said, “the contract with Hankyung has not been terminated. If he comes back to Korea, the company is willing to accept him.”

During a phone call with Newsdaily on the 19th, the attorney said, “on December 21st of last year, Hankyung filed a petition for an injunction against SM to terminate the contract. The examination of the petition for an injunction is finished and final arguments have been made. We are currently waiting for the ruling.”

The attorney also said, “I’m curious as to why the court has not announced the judgment. Because of this delay, SM and Hankyung’s uncomfortable relationship is continuing.”

Super Junior’s Hankyung is taking the similar path as the three members of DBSK. Hankyung claimed in his complaint that was submitted to Seoul Central District Court last year: ▲the contract is for a total of 13 years and if he stops working for any health or education reasons, the contract is prolonged for that duration. ▲The earning structure where 50,000 albums must be sold to receive 2 percent of the profit. ▲If the contract is breached, he has to pay back 3 times the amount SM has invested in him. ▲Any song that Super Junior’s members have written will be owned by SM Entertainment. Along with these terms, other unequal terms to the contract have been revealed.

The attorney for SM Entertainment said, “Hankyung himself signed the contract. When he was signing the contract with SM, Hankyung’s mother was present. After listening to the explanation that the contract would be for 13 years, he signed the contract.” It is outrageous that he is now claiming that the contract itself is invalid and that he received unequal treatment when he was in Korea.

He asserted, “China has developed greatly now, but back then, a person could not have enhanced their talent and become a world star in China. Hankyung himself came to SM because he liked the company’s training system.”

The attorney also said, “although he experienced difficulties at the start of Super Junior because of performance visa problem, the company worked hard to support him in his path to becoming a singer by providing him a Chinese translator. Now, him bring up a visa problem he had years ago to claim that the contract is invalid would be seen as an excuse even by a third party.”

The attorney argued, “recently, there has been a slave contract controversy in the entertainment industry. It looks like people around Hankyung have swayed him to use that controversy for their own advantage. If he knows that he became a top star in China without much effort, he should consider whether fighting with the management company who raised him is the right thing.

He added, “when he filed a lawsuit, Super Junior members and all the employees of the management company first learned about the lawsuit through a newspaper article.” He criticized Hankyung’s ambiguous action and said, “I hope this incident regarding the commercial is not true.”

“Even after this incident, the management company SM does not want to officially end the contract at once. They want him to reunite with the company once again as it is the right thing to do. If Hankyung comes back, they will welcome him.”

*Some parts of the article were omitted.

Source: Newsdaily
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM


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