Sleeping Habits of Super Junior

1 Sep


Leeteuk, SJ Leader, like to sleep sideways and curled his body. He must take the quilt wrapped up, only to reveal his face on the outside and often gave people the impression that he is sick! However, our leader has waist problem; he wrapped himself so tightly is it to take care of his waist? Or he is afraid of midnight theft?


Normally, HeeChul will be very talkative but when he sleeps, he is very quiet. Although there is no fixed sleeping position but only to a certain position after asleep he will not move again. Even if there is another person who suddenly sleeps beside or even he is being pushed to the edge of the bed, he will not notice because he is deep in his beauty sleep but will only find out after he woken up.


HanGeng doesn’t have any certain sleeping position. But he does have a habit, he must close the door before he can sleep, probably he is afraid of others disturbing him! Once he sleep, he look as if he is unconscious because he is so deep in his sleep.


Do not look at YeSung that participate in activities in low profile, but when he sleeps he can be in “high profile”! According to sources, YeSung often make faces when he is asleep, and the expression of the grimace means not happy, but angry or threatening people or strange facial expressions. He is really a weird person! But that is what makes him cute:D


When KangIn sleeps he is also full of expression just like he is during day, when he sleep he will lie on his tummy then tilted and love to talk in his dream. If there are so called ‘bad scene’ is his dreams, he will shout ‘Do you want to die?!’ ‘You, stop there!’ etc. and the people sleeping around him will always ‘jump up’ thanks to him ;D


ShinDong is chubby and before he sleeps, he likes to eat! He usually sleeps in a tilted position. His stomach is filled with the food he ate before he sleeps, seem to be bulging, which make it looks like a support! Not knowing whether is it soft and comfortable? Haha, hope to have a chance to try! 😀


As usual, Sungmin always have that cute angelic look but actually he is a very cool man, when he sleep, he is also very cool! As long as he wants to sleep, no matter what kind of environment is he in, even if the people next to him is very noisy he can sleep like a baby!


Once, people suspect that he does not know how to use his nose to breathe because he always sleep with his mouth open. Adding on, he always never button his pyjamas properly. Thus when he tossed around his bed, the buttons became loose and gradually came off.


Donghae like to sleep on the side of his body. Not only which, he would keep fidgeting. When he is taking a nap, he will have no expression and look peaceful. But once he is asleep, he will frown occasionally, and his eyes will be moving around. Well, we do not know whether is he dreaming or not.


When Siwon sleep, he likes to squeeze people, most of the people at the dorm are unwilling to sleep with him. However he always sleep at his own house. Other than performances when one of the member will always get hurt sleeping beside him.


When he is asleep, his expression is dull, look as if he is unconscious. Everyone lives in the dorm, so when they sleep, they wear pyjamas. Even though Ryeowook wear silk pyjamas to bed, there is sometimes he only wear his boxer to bed and revealed his muscular leg!


Kibum is known as the ‘good baby’ is SJ, beside staying with HeeChul, he is always giving in to HeeChul. He will always greet anyone with a cute smile, thus everyone loves him. He doesn’t have any weird sleeping habits. But once he is asleep, you won’t be able to see his angelic smile.


Kyuhyun and Leeteuk has similar sleeping habits, they can’t fall asleep as soon as they lie on the bed thus they will play electronic games etc before sleeping. However, they are always not sleeping soundly, always turning from side to side.


Photo :

cr : super junior fanbabse


5 Responses to “Sleeping Habits of Super Junior”

  1. jojoJOAAAAAAAA February 2, 2011 at 1:59 pm #

    i notice all sleeping pics of hae… his head is always tilted [almost too] sidewards!

  2. T.U.Y February 3, 2011 at 4:47 pm #

    enjoy in the slepp… good night & sweet dream

  3. salice lee June 6, 2011 at 6:38 am #

    donghae is the cutest

  4. deane kaela zapata (@yaomai25) December 4, 2011 at 5:36 am #

    “people suspect that he does not know how to use his nose to breathe because he always sleep with his mouth open” Lol hyukjae~ xD well, i sleeping habit is most likely to yesung and kyu’s sleeping habit 😀 hahaha!

  5. jiayi November 26, 2012 at 6:19 pm #

    There’s one photo…is a guy sleep with a jacket on and the cap covered his face…I think it’s yunho from tvxq .the picture seems familiar to me since he’s one of ky bias …

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